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What’s Law Of Attraction?

What's Law Of Attraction

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If you’re asking what’s law of attraction, then let me try and explain. Everyone’s life should be rich with abundance, joy and happiness. We all wish for a future where all our most ardent desires can come true.

We all have the right to be able to live a rich and fulfilling life with all our wishes catered for. But we create our own limitations. We block our ability for good things by our negative beliefs.

Although we would all choose an abundant life, we end up choosing a life of struggle. Protecting what we already have is such a struggle, any riches we’ve acquired, respect, relationships and trust— and  achieving our aspirations seems impossible.

We start to believe unconsciously that it’s our destiny to live like that, we get trapped into a life of negative beliefs which just bring negative things into our lives and we end up doing everything we hate to do.

Why can’t our life follow our dreams instead of leaving our dreams unfulfilled?

The answers to these questions can be discovered in “The Law of Attraction” which is a philosophy of practical spirituality.

What’s Law of attraction?  Well it’s not a law of physics but a spiritual law. But don’t let that deceive you into thinking it isn’t real.

All you need to do is learn how to use this spiritual law so that you can tune in and tap into the universal power which allows you to attract what you want. In doing so your life will change forevermore.

Understanding the Mechanism of Manifestation

Attraction is everywhere in life. Let’s start with a tiny atom, which is the basis of all things. Atoms are attracted to others and they bond together to create molecules. These molecules do the same, attract others and join forces.

If you look closer into the properties of the atom, you’ll find that within it there are electrons circling around the nucleus as if in orbit just as the planets circle around the sun.

There is a force that makes the electron go into orbit around the nucleus  and the planets go around the sun. It’s called gravity, but it is also a force of attraction.

Everything has some magnetic properties. That’s why the Moon is attracted to the Earth like and why certain molecules attracts others.

Like all other things, we have powerful magnetic capabilities within us. This can attract things at immense distances. When you find like-minded people around you who become friends it’s because they are attracted to you.

You will find that people who have a growth mindset become wealthier and  when they have a mindset on failure it brings defeat.

The main doctrine of ‘law of attraction’ is, “ You will attract matching incidents from your thoughts”, or briefly, ‘Like attracts like’. So whether you’re conscious of it or not, your thoughts are attracting what’s going on in your life.

The law of attraction is always switched on regardless of us. For instance, people who find themselves with increasing debts, constantly think about the amount of debt they are in.

Because they keep focussing on what they don’t want, they unfortunately attract more of it resulting in them falling more deeply into debt.

So, if what we  think turns into what we get , why do so many of our dreams not manage to become a reality?

In order to answer this question, we have to discuss the fundamentals of vibration.

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The Fundamentals Of Vibration

This goes a bit deep but according to these fundamentals the whole universe is constantly moving and vibrating. And all of this vibratory energy transforms itself from one form to another.

Objects are different, they are made from the same energy, but their vibration is at different frequencies. The whole universe is connected by energy. This mechanical phenomenon is called “quantum entanglement”.

Like all other things, we also project a form of energy with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Believe it or not this creates cosmic waves that can travel through space and time.
When we send vibrations with our intentions, thoughts, and beliefs, and  find a similar vibration in the things or events we want, they come into our life.

Unfortunately for us, our human mind tends to be more attracted to the negative things in life, rather than the positive ones.  It’s a subconscious thing we do when we focus on the worst aspects of things, and so we get the worst consequences. Although we really want success in our lives,  we can’t help but focus on failures.

As we are always afraid of failure, we’re thinking continuously about avoiding failure rather than on chasing success. When you think about failure, we make room for failures in life, and as a result the reality of what we get is failure.

Don’t forget  your positive thoughts have as much potential to attract what you want as your negative thoughts. In fact, there is more strength in positive thoughts.

Therefore, in order for the law of attraction to attract the things you want,  you have to reverse the  way you think.

Manifestation should be instantaneous, but in most cases, it takes a bit of time. This is because we have a lifetime of doubt and distrust built up inside and they are hard to dispel. You have to be patient with yourself and give your mind time to realign itself and get to the right vibration.

Need more help?

The Law of Attraction Unraveled: The Missing Pieces of Complete Manifestation  If you want something more in your life but you’re not sure how to get it then you might be glad to discover manifestation. This has the power to change your life and make things happen. This book will help you to understand how the law of attraction and manifestation can bring everything to fruition.

Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction. Jack Canfield is well known in America as a success coach. In this book he is going to guide you through working with the law of attraction. He covers all areas in life that you might want to improve. It comes with steps and suggestions so that you can align yourself with the Universe. Use the charts and assignments so that you can practice it.

Choose to Believe System. Don’t get stuck in the rut of not being able to get the law of attraction to work, you may just have to work a little bit on your beliefs. If you’re following all the rules of manifestation and nothing is working, you probably don’t truly believe in the affirmations you’re saying. Will this system you will learn how to find and measure your true beliefs, develop a lucky streak and manifest your desires fast.

Wrap Up

So when you ask yourself what the law of attraction is, you now know it can allow you to live the life of your dreams. You only have to know what you want in detail and believe you deserve to have it. Work towards your goal as the Universe delivers the opportunities  for you. You will find ” Like attracts like” and as you take each step towards the life you want your belief will get stronger. This will produce the positive cycle of results that will get you to the end of that rainbow.


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