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Law Of Attraction For Happiness

Law Of Attraction For Happiness

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When following the law of attraction the way you feel is very important. You attract what you reflect so if you want to keep attracting happiness into your life you need to find ways to be happy.

What is the law of attraction

There are a few specific laws of the universe, I have written about 12 of them here. The law of attraction is only one of them, but it’s the one that we’re all becoming familiar with.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your beliefs are you will be susceptible to the rule of the law of attraction.  That is whatever your thoughts are you will attract the same.

If you want happiness in your life but you only think about how sad you are, how horrible life is to you then things are not likely to improve unless you become aware of what you are thinking and make the effort to change.

If you want a happy life, you need to nurture some positive vibes. Start doing things that will change your attraction state to a positive one, so you can become one of the happy people.

Use Happiness Affirmations

What are happiness affirmations? Many people find that they can start the day in the right frame of mind with a list of positive affirmations. These powerful affirmations are a way to make statements in your head or even better, out loud your beliefs about yourself and your life.

Why this works is because our spoken words have the power to evoke our emotional state and activate our minds so that we can go on to accomplish great things.

An example of this is when you’re having a moment of doubt about your right to be happy, you can choose to say these words to yourself, “I find reasons to laugh every day,” or another simple phrase like, “I give myself permission to be happy.”

Repeating these statements regularly confirms the belief within your subconscious mind and helps with the desire to change your life.

Positive Energy

When you are happy and excited about life you fill up with positive energy. You know how that feels, when you don’t want the day to end. Remember as a kid going to the amusement park and how exciting that was. You go from ride to ride on a permanent high, never wanting to leave and go home.

The reason you want to be high on life is because it raises your vibration. Think of yourself as a radio antenna sending out a signal and the higher the frequency the more positive results come back to you.

Keep An Open Mind

Not everyone believes in the law of attraction because it’s not something you can touch. The best thing I can say to you is to keep an open mind. When it’s difficult to show results and you have to go on faith it’s worth keeping that open mind as you never know what opportunities are just around the corner.

Try to get into the company of people who believe in themselves and have a goal in life. That type of energy rubs off on you.

law of attraction for happiness

When You’re Having A Hard Time

It’s so easy to fall into a negative mindset, unsatisfied with your life and constantly unhappy. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get us there and you’ll know if it’s time to snap out of it when you have a hard time finding family and friends who want to be around you.

This is where your daily affirmations come in to assist you in changing the way you think. Our subconscious mind has a hard time knowing what’s a real action between what you’re actually doing or what you’re visualizing in a dream.

So make the effort throughout the day to check in on how you feel. If you’re having a hard time with your emotions you can make a conscious effort to think more positive thoughts and use your affirmations to assist.

Positive Emotions

Happy people find that focussing on positive things can bring them back into the high vibration, positive vibe range. They tend to use some simple tactics on a day to day basis like using a gratitude journal, positive statements and keeping a vision board. They use this as a dream board to plan their goals in pictures, keeping their thinking patterns in line with that.

When you’re feeling down, journal your thoughts and feelings. Often you’ll find that just getting your feelings down on paper will allow you to work through them, helping you to feel better about yourself and your beautiful life! Don’t wallow in your sorrows alone; do something about it. Call a friend who you know is positive and a good listener. Talk about your feelings and listen to their advice.

When you try it’s not too difficult to think about everything you have to be thankful for. It’s too easy to get caught up in what’s wrong with your life that you forget the best parts about it.

So often, people allow themselves to go deeper and deeper into self-pity or depression because they think it has to be that way. The truth is, you don’t have to be sad and you shouldn’t be.

Take a minute and think about your life. How far have you come from, say, six months ago? Make the decision to be happy.

Positive Statements

Getting past the limiting beliefs we have buried deep within us needs some of the right affirmations and positive statements that speak to our soul. Keep them on your vision board so you can absorb them on a daily basis.

Pin up people’s success stories so you’re aware of the infinite possibilities that you can aspire to. Use any words or pictures that can aid in your visualization techniques so you can see that goal in your minds eye.


You don’t have to succumb to sadness and misery. Practice the options suggested above and use them to focus intensely on the positives. When you feel a negative thought coming on, or your mind gravitates toward the negative, learn to recognize it, stop it in its tracks, and then change to happier thoughts.

If you prefer something structured try our free guide: The 30 day happiness challenge. Enjoy and appreciate your life as it is now and the people in it. You have the power to choose your reactions to any given situation. Remember that with the law of attraction you attract what you mind is focussed on so make that happiness and you’ll bring more of it into your life.






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