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50 Affirmations For Happiness

Affirmations For Happiness

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If you find yourself having lots of negative thoughts and your day to day life is being a drag then you probably need to reset some of your unconscious thoughts by using some positive affirmations for happiness. With the law of attraction for happiness to come in you need to project happiness out.

You may find yourself surrounded by other people feeling the same negative feelings, so it’s worth looking for a role model whose positive thinking can affect your mindset and help you towards a more positive attitude.

You can find positive energy on social media through groups and pages. The positive ones can help you  create a positive outlook on life. You can then start creating a new thought pattern. Daily affirmations are another way to change the way you think.

If you haven’t tried a happiness affirmation before, talking to yourself might take you a bit out of your comfort zone. But if you’re not happy in your life you have to try different things so that you can hit that reset button and start the change. With a bit of strong will it won’t take long before you find your favorite affirmations and start practicing more positive thinking.

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What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are short, positive expressions that you can say to yourself to banish the negative thoughts that can crowd your mind.  You will be surprised at the effect affirmations can have on your positive energy.

You can set a time every day to read out aloud your affirmations of choice. A morning affirmations can set you up with a positive mindset for the day. If you find it difficult to calm your mind for sleep you can try affirmations at the end of the day to redirect your thoughts and promote sleep.

You can have your daily affirmations at hand and read them throughout the day if you find it helpful to deal with the stress. When you decide to do them is less important than doing them consistently. Commit to making this a habit, as the more you say your daily affirmations, the more you will believe them.

If you travel a lot or find it easier to listen rather than to read then you could try recording your affirmations. Adding some background music that you love, especially something that makes you feel emotional, can increase the benefit. Play it in the car, when you’re out walking or while you’re working.

It can help if you can incorporate some creative visualization while listening to or repeating your favorite affirmation. You might be wondering what that is so let me explain a little:-

Creative visualization

Creative visualization is when you start putting the pictures in your mind of what it is you want, a bit like daydreaming. You might do something similar if you were meditating and if you have emotional music in the background it might help you feel an emotional response while you are visualizing.

Having positive thoughts about your desires while feeling the emotions you expect to feel all contribute to attracting what you want and the happiness that you want in your life.

To get started, why not choose a few of these powerful affirmations from the following list:

Positive Affirmations For Happiness


Affirmation for happiness

Staying happy and healthy brings positive energy into my life..

I will attract situations that make me joyful every day.

Happy thoughts come to me naturally.

I choose to be happy today

Positive Affirmation

Many of life’s simple pleasures bring me great joy.

My heart is overflowing with joy.

Regardless of the path I choose it always leads to happiness.

Today I will attract happy, positive people around me.

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Happiness Quote

Happiness is my path.

My mind is filled with happy thoughts and positive energy.

I deserve to be happy and enjoy my success.

Helping others makes me happy.

happy affirmations

I am becoming more and more successful and happy each day.

I find happiness everywhere I look.

I need to be happy to share happiness with others.

I see my happiness reflected back in everything I attract.

smile affirmation

I give myself permission to be happy.

I take great pleasure in my friends and family.

Simple pleasures bring me joy.

The route to happiness can be as long or short as I let it be.

happiness quote

I am grateful for the beautiful things in my life.

My happiness creates the chance for others by being happy.

I am meant to live a happy life.

I experience joy in everything I do.

worthy affirmation

I am rich in love and happiness.

I like to surround myself with everything that makes me happy.

Making myself happy is easy.

My cheerful attitude infuses joy wherever I go.

affirmation of happiness

My happiness comes from the positive energy within me.

Today I will be happier than I was yesterday.

Letting go of any dissatisfaction I feel, brings happiness into my life.

No matter what happens today, I will find the positive in it.

Better than hypnosis

affirmation of joy and happiness

I can choose happiness at anytime.

I will create the desirable life I want with my happy feelings.

Today I will surround myself with happy thoughts and feelings.

The happiness I feel is felt by everyone around me.

gratitude affirmation

My happiness depends on my efforts.

My life is rewarding.

This day will unfold happy moments.

The happiness I’m feeling is manifesting more reasons to be happy.


Start to keep track of your happiness and vibration level. Set a timer for certain times of the day so you can assess how you’re feeling on a regular basis and take action if you aren’t happy. It’s a good time to listen to your recorded happiness affirmation. No-one will be surprised if you leave the office to take a bathroom break with your phone in your hand and your headphones in your pocket. They might be more surprised when you come back more chilled out with a smile on your face.

Affirmations for happiness

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