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Law Of Attraction Cards – Affirmations For Money

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Once you start learning a bit about the law of attraction it can pique your interest to all things that can help you in practicing it. I’ve recently discovered law of attraction cards and wanted to share with you the pack that I got for my birthday. Money and the law of attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

What are Law of Attraction Cards

These beautiful affirmation cards are made of sturdy cardboard with glossy pictures and a variety of pastel color backgrounds. They each have a picture on the front which is in a new age style which seems in keeping with the mental world subject. Stored in a strong box decorated in the style of the cards.

how to use law of attraction cardsThe deck consists of 60 cards. Each card has an affirmation on one side of it and on the flip side there is a more in depth explanation of what the principle point of that affirmation means and how to use it.

There is also a number on the card which you can take note of. It may have a significant meaning to you if you’re interested in numerology. You may find yourself being aware of this number as you go about your day and it can remind you of the affirmation on the card. It’s amazing what a mere thought can set in motion.

The cards are just under 4 inches wide and just over 5 inches tall. I thought I might have trouble shuffling them as I only have small hands, but I managed it ok.

How to use law of attraction cards

law of attraction card affirmationsYou can shuffle the cards and draw one every day. Take a little time to absorb the message and focus your mind on that. You can shuffle and take the top card, take the bottom card or fan them and choose by the color. The choice is yours. If a card falls out as you shuffle them then choose that as it’s meant for you that day.

You can also use them in number order if you wish. Someone in a review online mentioned that the cards started off about general life and then became more money specific. Well I had to check that out and ended off reading the whole pack like a book.

You can take the card of the day and keep it nearby. When using positive affirmations you would say them to yourself at various times of the day, so being able to keep the card with you helps with that. Use it as a book mark so you can reflect on it or keep it on your desk.

If you’re at home all day you can stick your daily card choice on the fridge door with a magnet so you can see it each time you enter the kitchen. The cards are wipeable so they could survive the odd splash or dirty fingers.

law of attraction cards explanationIf you start your day with any of the selected cards the positive message it imparts will encourage positive thoughts in your mind.

The basis of this set is to focus on money.  The first 20 cards are more general affirmations concentrating on your vibrations, mindset and what you want and then they move to add in more specific money affirmations.

I find the affirmations quite thought provoking. I also like the fact that the explanation on the back helps you to understand what is meant by the affirmation and I think that helps you to focus your thoughts in the right direction.

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I chose the money and the law of attraction cards because I want to keep a positive mindset when it comes to money. There are other sets available from Esther Hicks:

Health and the law of attraction cards

When you have health issues it can color your view on life. When you feel good then life is good.

Although these cards are called Health and the Law of Attraction the affirmations can be applied to all areas or your life.

Use these cards to help with all areas of health, whether that is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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If you have listened or read anything from Esther and Jerry Hicks you will have heard about the Vortex.

The Vortex is where you get your mind into alignment where you can stop the thoughts of what you don’t want and understand what you do want.

This is a powerful tool to help you be more aware of your thoughts and mindset by using these cards on a daily basis.

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What’s the difference between Abraham Hicks Cards and Oracle Cards?

The main difference between these 2 types of cards is that the Abraham Hicks law of attraction cards are based on affirmations which you choose to do on a daily basis. The cards have no specific meaning if you pick them. The benefit is in the positive wisdom that you receive from Abrahams affirmations and instructions which you can tap into whenever you wish to.

Oracle cards like these Work Your Light Oracle Cards are used like tarot cards.

You shuffle the cards and select a certain amount of cards for yourself (or have another person choose) and lay them out as in the instruction book.

Then you can use the card meanings to answer specific questions you have

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If you want a tool to keep you organised with your daily affirmations for money or any other area of your life that you want to focus and visualize on, then the law of attraction cards are a perfect addition to your life.

They are not just lovely to look at but they feel nice in your hands too. Now if you’re more into having a set of cards that will help give direction for certain issues in your life, then you might want to try a set of oracle cards.

I’m definitely enjoying using my set of money and the law of attraction cards. Maybe you know someone who would like a set for a gift.

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