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Manifestation With Water – Making a Wish Come True

Water Manifestation

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You might have been working all your life to fulfil your dreams and wishes. While some of your wishes may have come true, there are many more wishes that remain unfulfilled. Did you know that manifestation with water could help?

The manifestation of your wishes may look pretty challenging initially but you must know that the universe is full of possibilities and has everything in abundance for everyone. All you need to do is to learn how to manifest your wishes. There are many ways of manifestation such as daily affirmations, vision boards, and meditation techniques that use the laws of the Universe.

There are different ways of manifestation, for some a spell would work, for others something else may suit your personality better. In this piece, we will walk you through the process and the technique of using water to manifest and fulfil your needs. Let’s look at the technique and the process.

The Manifestation – A Glass of Water

This manifestation with water is also known as the “Glass of Water” technique. It is based on the fact that water is a powerful conductor of energies that possess some of the best healing properties. There are similar techniques such as “Transurfing” and the “Silva Method” and many other healing modalities and rituals.

This manifestation technique can open up unlimited possibilities that can help you get an energy boost to achieve everything that you ever wanted. In other words with the use of this technique, you can add tremendous power to your beliefs and affirmations that can help you to program and prepare your body in manifesting your dreams and wishes.

Items required

To prepare for this manifestation you will need certain things. A plain sheet of paper or a post-it and yes, of course, a glass of water. On that piece of paper write down your wish in the form of an affirmation. Which means that you are already declaring in affirmation what you wish for.

Something like “I am the owner of a huge multi-million dollar business. I work from a sprawling office. I am a successful and sought after entrepreneur.

Put your wish in words that are easy for you to say or use your own affirmation list and search for the ones that work the best for you.

This process of voicing out your wishes in affirmation may sound silly, but it works when we speak out loud what we want. This way all your energies will synchronise with the working of your body, your heart and your mind. That will pave the way to finding a direction that will help you fulfil your wishes.

This manifesting with water is only one of a few manifestation techniques that help you to interact with all other levels of consciousness in a better and effective way. However, it’s not a foolproof way of getting your needs fulfilled.

The Process

Decide Your Affirmation

So, once you are able to determine your affirmation which can be about getting a job, making lots of money or even losing some weight and achieving that dream body – you write it down. Use the piece of paper or a sticky post-it and paste it to your glass of water. Or place the glass of water on top of the piece of paper where you have written your affirmation.

Keep your affirmation short and easy to remember. The idea is to ensure that you are able to describe what you want clearly in your affirmation so that you can concentrate on it well. Keep the faith and believe that what you want has already happened.

Energy Activation

The next step is the energy activation. In this step, you’re building the energy between your hands. The simplest way of doing it is to rub your hands together briskly. Now, bring both your palms and wrap them around the glass of water. Many prefer keeping them a short distance away to feel the energy flowing from the hands to the glass.


Now comes the visualization part. With your palms around the glass of water, speak your affirmation slowly in your mind or say it out loud. Being loud will lend your manifestation more power. While saying the words, visualize those vivid images of you being in that state that you wish to be. Concentrate on that visualization, make it a vivid scene, with scent and sound and your energy will flow where your concentration goes.

This means the glass of water that you’re holding, is getting energized and charged with the vibrations of your wish. Water is an extremely powerful energy and an informational conductor. Filling the water with your thoughts makes it a powerful medium of manifestation. Keep going as long as you are comfortable with but usually, 2 to 5 minutes is enough.

Once, your glass of water is charged with thoughts that fulfil your wish, you will now have to drink this glass of water. With this, your manifestation process ends.

How it Works?

You can use this technique to work on every wish that you have. Certain wishes will be fulfilled in a few hours time and some might take months. It all depends on the complexity of your wish and the amount of effort that may be needed to be invested for manifestation. It works by using the power of your intentions and synchronizing it with your higher levels of consciousness.

With the energy of your thoughts, you charge the glass of water with your wishes and intentions and when you drink that water your body gets activated with that powerful thought and vibration. Once that happens your mind, body and soul will be guided towards your goal. You will need to be prepared to take action when the Universe throws opportunities your way.

This is an extremely powerful wish manifestation technique. Believe in the process and watch for signs that the law of attraction is making your wish come true.

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