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Signs Law of Attraction Is Working for You

Signs Law Of Attraction Is Working For You

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Today we’ll explore the signs law of attraction is working for you.

When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s hard to believe in the power of thought. After all, it’s much easier to stay negative.

But these negative thoughts can adapt themselves to patterns. It’s no secret that negative thought patterns are heavily associated with depression and anxiety.

Healthy thought is an underrated factor when it comes to leading a healthy life. But change doesn’t come easy.

Many argue that starting is the hardest step. And what better place to start than from within?

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is based on one very old truth: like attracts like. You attract the energy you exude.

This means negative thoughts will invite negative deeds, and positive thoughts will invite positive deeds. The energy you adopt in your mind translates into real life.

Thoughts are power. Not only does the law of attraction imply this, but it also believes that thoughts have energy. Accordingly, you’re in control of your mind.

When you start to adopt a positive and decisive mindset, the positivity of your thoughts will begin to materialize around you in the concrete world. You’ll begin to notice the difference in your life. This is the power of attraction: energy attracts energy.

But life is busy. It’s easy to get swept in the tide of everyday activities and see past the signs. Is the law of attraction working for you? Here are some cues you should pay attention to.

Signs Law of Attraction Is Working for You

You’ve decided to experiment. Will the law of attraction work for you? It depends.

Part of harnessing positive energy is letting go of pessimism. This is why you shouldn’t be discouraged if you overlook any signs. Developing a pessimistic outlook is easy, but it harbors the opposite effect.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t cues and signs to catch in your life. The law of attraction works, after all. Here are some signs that it does.

1. You’re More Content Than Ever Before

Once you begin to adopt a positive outlook on life, you’ll notice an improvement in your mental state.

Thoughts control your moods and your mental state. Change doesn’t come from outside. It comes from within.

2. You’ve Been Getting Good Sleep

Developing a healthy pattern of thought is integral in the process of developing a healthy body.

By adopting a healthier mindset, you’ll automatically develop better sleeping patterns as well. You’ll enjoy healthy sleep, as well as healthy thoughts.

3. You’re Noticing Audio Prevalence

Have you ever found yourself humming a song in your mind only to find it playing on the radio?

It might seem like an amusing coincidence. But make no mistake. This is a material translation of your thoughts.

It’s crucial to develop a positive approach to your desires. The law of attraction will then play out in real-time. It’ll seem to you like you can’t escape these thoughts or desires.

4. You’re Noticing Visual Prevalence

Imagine this scenario. You’re thinking about your desire towards something. Maybe it’s a product.

At the same moment this desire crosses your mind, an advertisement begins playing on the television. It’s for your desired product.

Another interesting coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not. Maybe the new attitude you’ve adopted towards your aspirations or desires is working. The law of attraction may be in action again.

5. Synchronicity Is Everywhere

What we mean by synchronicity here is what you might call a funny coincidence.

Sometimes, synchronicity may seem like a quick stroke of luck. Maybe it’s just luck when you see a person next to you reading the same book you’re reading. But is it just a coincidence that you ran into them again?

You have to look beneath the surface of these lucky coincidences.

signs law of attraction

6. The Number ‘111’ Is Everywhere!

Maybe you just happened to look at the clock to see that it’s 11:11. Maybe you just saw a passing car with a 111 license plate.

These aren’t just coincidences. They’re here to reassure you and tell you that the law of attraction is at work. Whatever you give the universe, it’ll give you back.

7. You’re More Intuitive Than Ever

It seems like everything is aligned. You know just what to say at just the right time. Your intuitive capacity is up.

Whatever the situation brings, your instincts have got your back. They’re always right.

8. Rainbows Are Everywhere!

Are you suddenly seeing rainbows everywhere? No, that isn’t just your luck.

Since ancient times, rainbows have been a symbol of good fortune, peace, and serenity. This means something good will come your way. The universe is aligning with you.

9. Money, Money, Money

It’s a universally happy occurrence when you coincidentally find money. When you’re practicing the law of attraction correctly, money will flow your way.

You’ll find money in the pockets of your old coats. You’ll find money where you least expect it. What you should do is try to stay on the lookout for dollar signs.

Prosperity will be near. But the challenge resides in maintaining the right energy of thought. Be grateful and more will come your way.

10. You’re Having Better Dreams

Dreams are often confusing. They can set out your whole mood for the day. Bad dreams are jarring and give you a sense of bad luck.

Good dreams can help make your mood better for the day. You wake up after having dreamt well and you feel like you could take on the whole world.

These good dreams are a sign of something bigger and deeper. The law of attraction is looking out for you.


Subscribing to the law of attraction as a lifestyle isn’t easy. It takes mental strength and consistent faith.

Noticing one of these signs could give you the motivation to go on. The law of attraction is based on energy, and these signs could supply you with positive energy to last you a lifetime.

You still don’t want to think positively? Think again.

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