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A Meditation For Law Of Attraction Manifestation

Meditation For Law Of Attraction

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If you can imagine your mind is like a large lagoon and your thoughts are like the wind stirring up the waves and making the water all cloudy. When it’s calm with no wind there aren’t any ripples, water is so still and clear that you can see the rainbow world of fishes swimming underneath. This is what you need when you use a meditation for the law of attraction manifestation.

When the waves are lapping on the lagoon and the water is muddy, you can’t see your own reflection but when the water is still, you can see everything below.

You can compare your mind, when you’re agitated to the lagoon with waves rolling over it. If your mind has thoughts tumbling around, it won’t let you attract your vision through the murk. You have to calm your mind to get the best chance to make the law of attraction work.

Here is an exercise in relaxation that will get you in the right frame of mind to win the game of manifestation for the law of attraction with meditation.

A Meditation For Law Of Attraction Manifestation

Get comfortable, either sitting or if you prefer, lying down. Choose a place where you’re less likely to be interrupted.

This is going to take around 15 to 25 minutes; so choose a time when you’re not too busy or  in a hurry.

To relax you need  comfortable clothes so that you aren’t aware of them. Take your shoes off.

Are you ready? Then breathing through your stomach take a long deep and slow breath. Count to five, and slowly breathe out.

Breathe in again and be aware of your body expanding with the inhalation.

Now breathe out and watch your body sink back to normal with the exhalation.

Try to maintain a normal  breathing rhythm as you go through each step.

Using this meditation for relaxation, you’ll  be giving attention to each area of the body and relaxing each part. As your body becomes deeply relaxed you will feel a tranquility flow over you.

This is where you close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe naturally.

You are going to start relaxing the body one part at a time, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

Lower Body

Let’s start at the bottom with your feet.

How do your feet feel?

Are they warm or do they feel cold?

Do you feel any sensation there?

No matter what the feeling is, let your feet to relax a little bit more as you take each breath. Feel your heels touching the floor, feel your socks touching the bottom your feet, then let it all go.

Moving slowly up, shift your mind onto your ankles and focus on how they feel.  Can you feel anything? Breathe in and out gently while relaxing your ankles, then let it go.

Moving onto your calves and the backs of your knees. Are they tingling or twitching? Help them to relax by breathing in focussing on the region of your calves. Just allow your calves to go limp. Don’t try and force anything, just make it your intention and as you breathe let your body relax.

Now you’re going to focus on your shins and knees. Feel if there are any sensations in this area. Try breathing into this area to relax it…then let it go.

If you don’t have any feeling in any particular area, don’t worry about it— it’s ok to feel nothing. Just spend a few seconds on each area.

Moving onto your hamstrings. Whether you’re lying on the floor or on a bed, feel the pressure on the back of your legs. Breathe in and out and let your hamstrings soften up.

Now focus on your thighs. What are you feeling? Accept the feeling and breathe in and out naturally. Every time you breathe out let your thighs loosen up. Then let it go.

Now shift your attention onto your buttocks. We tend to feel stress in the glute muscles which causes them to tighten up. Breathe in an out while relaxing the glutes, and then let go.

Your Midsection

Feel your pelvic area, while breathing normally. Feel any sensations there, then relax this area as you breathe out. Remember, when you give your attention to any specific area, the body forces that part to relax.

Now pay attention to your belly. This is a very intelligent part of the body that can react to emotions in its own way. Be aware of any feelings in your belly while you breathe in and out to loosen it up

Now you will move round and focus on your lower back. Let yourself breathe into this area and relax it as you breathe out. Count to 5, and then move on.

Think about your chest. Feel it expanding as you  breathe in, and fall back down as you breathe out. Feel your muscles melting just like ice into warm water as you relax them.

Upper Body

How does your upper back feel. Take notice of your back muscles, spine and shoulder blades. Breathe in and relax your upper back as you breathe out. Count to 5 and let it go.

Now you are going to move down to your hands. Let’s start with being aware of your fingers and your palms, then work your way up through your wrists, forearms, and elbows. Spend ten seconds on your fingers and palms relaxing as you go then another five seconds on your forearms.

Then we arrive at your upper arms. Pay attention to your elbows and the fold of the inside of your elbows. Feel for any aches in the biceps, triceps, and even your armpits. Breathe in and allow these areas to relax and loosen up as you breathe out.

Let your attention move up to your shoulder. Feel the sensation around the edges of your shoulders and breathe. Move up to your throat. With each breath you take let your throat rest continue to move on.

Your face tells the world what you’re feeling and thinking. Believe it or not you have 42 individual facial muscles which create hundreds of expressions.

Concentrate your attention to your facial muscles. Spend a few seconds each on your chin, jaw, lips, and mouth and let them rest loosely.

Listen to your breathing through your nose. Feel how cool  the air is in your nostrils as you breathe in, and the warmth as you breathe out.

Can you identify the bridge of your nose and the tip of your nose also give attention to your cheeks and cheekbones. Breathe in and allow your cheeks to soften. Be mindful of your ears and how well you can  hear.

Do you feel any pressure in your eyes. Feel your eyelids as they rest on your eyeballs, which are resting in the eye sockets.

We’ve made it to your head. Can you feel your skull bone?  We have thin muscles on the scalp, breathe and relax, even the follicles of your hair. Now enter inside your head, feel the muscles in your brain relaxing  as you are focussing on them.

You should be relaxed throughout your whole body. Feel that total relaxation.

In around  20 seconds, take some deep breaths. Open up your eyes. Stretch out your arms and legs. You should now be feeling totally refreshed and invigorated.

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Wrap up

Now you know what law of attraction is. Spend time learning how to do this meditation, keep your mind still and your thoughts positive. This is where the law of attraction manifestation begins.

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