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12 Laws Of The Universe – Transform Your Life


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Most of us have heard of the law of attraction but as you dig more into it you will find that it is only one of 12 laws of the universe. These spiritual laws provide teachings which aim to help you transform your life. More detailed information about these laws can be found in the book ‘The Light Shall Set You Free’ by Dr Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

This is known as the first of all of the laws of the universe, so what does it mean? In the world we exist in, we are one energy with everything that is all around us.

Like one big sea, each thought and action creates a ripple that affects not only you but the whole universe. That is because everything is energy. The reason everything and everyone looks different is because this energy is vibrating at different frequencies.

Our thoughts and feelings are no different. Positive thoughts vibrate at high frequencies, while  negative thoughts vibrate at lower frequencies. Energy is vibrating in a circular pattern. What that means to us is that whatever we send out comes back to us on the same vibration.

When you’re happy, good things tend to happen. When you’re miserable, nothing good seems to happen. Everything we do, say and think can affect others so be kind.

2.  The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration isn’t spoken about as much as the Law of Attraction but the attraction comes from vibrations.

Everything is pure energy or light and has a vibration. It might move at different speeds or in different patterns, but it is always moving. Even us, we each have our own individual vibration. You might not think solid objects can vibrate but they do at a molecular level, although very slowly.

So you might be wondering how this is important to you. Not only do you vibrate as a human being, you also emit vibrations from your thoughts and feelings. Thinking sets our brain’s cells vibrating at a certain frequency.

It then transmits out into the atmosphere and all things that align with your vibration will be attracted to you. This is going to work whether you have negative thoughts or positive, so it’s important to be aware that you don’t get influenced by negative thoughts.

3. Law Of Action

The Law of action is the next step in manifesting what we want.  It means taking actions that will take you towards where you want to be. The law of attraction and the law of action are tightly linked together  because you need both to pursue your goals.

The law argues that we cannot imagine our realities into existence. That if we’re serious about improving our lives and creating better realities, then we must take concrete steps to make it happen. Whether it’s a big or small step, it instantly helps you to attract that relationship, job, or enhanced abundance you seek.

We are very good at procrastinating by completing small steps that don’t really make much headway in completing goals. This might be because you’re not sure of the steps to follow, but if you ask the Universe and stay positive the answers will come to you. This is when you should listen to your your gut instinct, and allow your intuition to guide you.

4. Law of Correspondence

This law isn’t about sending letters to each other. It’s a law that basically means that all of the planes of existence are in correspondence. There are three planes of existence, the physical, mental and spiritual realms and there is a harmony between them. The patterns of energy  correspond on all levels, the same above as below and vice versa.

Although the frequency of vibrations is different on each plane, any changes on any plane can have an affect on the others, because we’re all part of the same source of energy. The law of correspondence is the glue that holds the oneness together and all the laws of the universe exist within it.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

Have you heard about everything happening for a reason? This is the basic principle of the law of cause and effect. There is no such thing as coincidence because this is would mean a lack of control within the laws of the universe which couldn’t happen.

We tend to move through life without any real purpose, just reacting to events without realising that we can influence the law by choosing our own behaviours.

Sometimes we live with irrational fears and worries which can consume our minds. This can attract the type of negative experience you’re worrying about.

Once you become aware of what you’re thinking you can see it as irrational, accept it for what it is and let it go. We have to be able to forgive ourselves and others so that we can embrace positive thoughts.

Nothing occurs by chance.Every thought and emotion creates an effect, positive or negative. As energy moves in a circular way you will receive that back at some point. If you can learn to stay calm and peaceful, don’t let yourself practice extreme reactions, you can have the freedom of choice to achieve your goals.

6. Law of Compensation

The law of cause and effect deals with events that happen in your life, the law of compensation deals with the material and spiritual things that come into your life.

We don’t always receive financial blessings because we consciously did something to gain them. Our conditioning throughout our early life can hold us back because we don’t think we’re worthy of financial abundance so we sabotage ourselves.

Successful people tend to have the right attitude, thinking in the right way, giving to others or performing services for them with a positive outlook.

It’s better to give than to receive although it may not come back to you in the same form.  When you can do that freely from your heart and soul it will be returned tenfold.

Don’t forget about yourself though, you should give to yourself as well as to others, it’s all about balance.

12 laws of the universe

7. Law of Attraction

The basic rule if the law of attraction is what you think you create. So if you think positive thoughts then positive things come into your life.  Although you must remember that the opposite is also true. Those that think about having plenty of money generally have it, those that think about their lack of money create that lack. The same with health, love and anything else in life.

Our thoughts and emotions create vibrations which are sent out into the Universe and things with the same vibrations are attracted to us.If life isn’t as  you want it, then look at what you are thinking, it’s so easy to get entrenched in thoughts of what you don’t have instead of concentrating on what you want. Visualizing about that as if you already have it sends out those vibrations so you get back what you want.

It’s all about controlling your vibrations. Positive thoughts and emotions emit a higher vibration which is where you need to be to get what you want. Our biggest problem is the constant input into our consciousness from outside influences and they are very often negative. Using affirmations and meditation can help you acknowledge the negative and then let it g, so that you’re not bringing it into your life.

8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy tells us that all people have the power to change their  lives. To do this you need to change the frequency of the vibrations from your thoughts and emotions. If you’re unhappy, angry  or upset you transmit lower vibrations and when life is good you send out higher frequencies. Whatever your vibration, it has an effect on the people around you.

Higher frequency vibrations consume and transform lower ones so if you enter  a room with positive people you will find that no matter how you felt beforehand the mood and energy lift you up. So it makes sense to keep these types of people in your life.

You can choose to raise your own vibrations, firstly with awareness, meditation and by keeping love and forgiveness for others at the forefront of your life. This will then put you on the frequency level where everything is possible.

9. The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity is a law that helps us deal with our problems. We all have many different problems as we go through our life and the ability to choose how we react to them.

There is no good or bad way to deal with your issues because it is all relative to the person and their mindset at that moment in time. The reasons that some problems get to you more, is that you start to compare your situation with other people dealing with something similar. But their reactions and how they dealt with it isn’t relevant to you.

The law of relativity is meant to bring clarity to your thoughts. Use any problems that come your way as learning opportunities. There will be many choices for you to make throughout life and if you can use your heart and soul the right direction should be shown to you. When you start being analytical about it and compare it with others you are coming at it in the wrong way.

If you can stay focused on your own challenges you’ll find the path you should take that will allow you to grow as an individual which is all that is relative to you.

10. Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity says that there are always opposites, dual polarities or extremes to everything. Polarity is the difference between two extreme points, something like love and hate. These are different degrees of similar emotions.

But if you feel hate for someone it might just take a simple action to change your feelings towards being more loving. We can choose to change things if we change our thoughts or behaviours. Using the power of the mind to create the change is what the the Law of Polarity is about.

To do this you need to stay focussed, balanced and not allow yourself to react too much to issues. Try and stay detached, as if you are looking at the situation from outside. As in the law of cause and effect, extreme negative reactions can attract similar experiences.

If you can have a positive, balanced response to the challenges that come along you will be able to keep your vibrations on a higher level which can even influence change in others.

11. Law of Rhythm

Although everything moves and vibrates with polar opposites, it is all linked together by the energy which moves in a rhythm. Like the tide it moves in an ebb and flow. We’re used to the rhythm of the universe in our lives with periods of weeks, months and years and the growing season of spring to the dying season of winter.

It’s the cyclical,  natural order of the Law of Rhythm. We experience positive and negative cycles moving in and out over time. In the positive cycles it’s easier to feel the positive emotions, life follows the path we want and all is good. In the negative cycles, as you can imagine, the emotions tend to be more negative, fear, greed and hatred come to the fore and we blame everyone else for all things that are going wrong in our lives.

This law of rhythm is one law that you can’t escape. The only way you can get through these changes in rhythm is to use your will power to think in a more positive way to change the vibrations of the negative to a higher level. We have to learn to control our emotions so that we can balance out the negative feelings. Mastering this will take practice but the balance you create can keep you on the right vibration for the life you want.

12. Law of Gender

I’m sure that you have heard of yin and yang or the feminine and masculine side of things. These two principles are within all things. The Law of Gender is the creative force within the laws of the universe. The feminine side does the creative work and the masculine side produces the ideas and action, both attracted together to complete the process.

There are yin and yang attributes in both men and women and can be developed to bring balance. Both elements required to create when trying to master manifestation and creation with the law of attraction. Learning how to visualize and dream what it is you want then to create it in your life.


The teachings from these laws of the universe give you a roadmap to be able to manifest the life you want. As you will see from each law that we have the ability to make changes in the way we think. Using our own will power we can change the way we react to outside influences and the direction of our lives. Control your mind and you can control your life.

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