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How Thoughts Become Things The Movie

How Thoughts Become Things Movie

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You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Thoughts Become Things’ when talking about the law of attraction, well now there is a movie, recently released, of the same name.

Is what we are thinking creating our reality?

How can we use our thoughts to create what we want?

Featuring some of the well known names in the law of attraction field, like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Douglas Vermeeren and Marina Bruni. Find out how they and some other well known LOA peers answer these questions.

Listening to the experts,  I found, was quite uplifting. It’s much easier to understand something when someone is explaining it to you in person.

You read a lot in regards to law of attraction about concentrating on what you want to attract it into your life, but how that works in practice is a bit more confusing.

Can you learn how to think in the right way?

What is the right way?

Most of the time we’re not really thinking about anything in particular, we just amble along being influenced by what comes along or we react to stuff on social media which tends to make us think of what we’re lacking.

Even if we decide we’re going to make an effort to focus our thinking on what we want, we don’t think big enough. We are limited by our present lives and what has happened in the past.

We do seem to have a hard time setting large, ambitious goals. It’s as if we don’t think we’re worthy of it, or just can’t summon up enough belief to see it in our minds.

Whatever you are looking for starts with the thought, then you need to picture it in your mind and feel it inside of you. Get emotional about it, feel the joy of what life will be like with it, and then you’ll be sending out the right vibration to attract it.

You do have some free will in how you react to your thoughts. Act on a thought if it’s going to contribute to what you want or let it go if it’s negative or irrelevant.

When you become more aware of what you are thinking about, you can influence your direction of thought rather than just accepting things that pop into your mind from outside influences.

Some people feel that you can’t change your how you think, but you can. We spend a lot of our time running on autopilot. Have you ever got in your car to drive to work or another regular journey you make and found yourself arriving there without being aware of the journey itself?

This is because of the hard wiring we have created in our subconscious with repetition. You can do things without thinking about it. But you can change these actions when you are aware of them. If you change to new actions which move you forward often enough, they will become subconscious too.

Our brains deal with lots of visual information and it doesn’t differentiate between a real life view or a visualized image in your mind. If you can use images to help you visualize yourself achieving your goal and overcoming any obstacles in your way, you can create the pathways in your brain. These are the first steps to creating that communication with the subconscious mind and making the right choices automatic.

Do thoughts become things? That’s up to you, because you have a choice.

Listen to the experts explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. They help you to understand how your mind and the thought process works.

It’s interesting and thought provoking. Their positivity shines through and makes you want to change your thinking and start creating.

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How thoughts become things the movie

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