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10 Ways An Attitude Of Gratitude Enhances Life

Attitude Of Gratitude

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We see abundance all around us, if we care to look. No matter what your position is right now, there is always something to be grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude can make a difference in the way you approach life, in how you deal with people around you and in how you handle challenges that come your way.

You maybe think that being grateful is for times like Thanksgiving, when everyone is a little more focussed on family, gifts and thankfulness. But if you find yourself dissatisfied with your life, once a year just isn’t going to cut it.  Lying awake at night, worrying about what you don’t have and how you can change things can be quite stressful.

If you can change the direction of your thinking so that you’re not thinking about your lack of things and start focussing on what you do have you’re going to bring yourself into alignment by finding the joy in life.

10 Enhancements from Gratitude

Take a moment to take a good look at your current situation and check out the ways that having gratitude could enhance your life:

1. Your enthusiasm will know no bounds.

If you wake up in the morning dreading what the day will bring, you’re already attracting bad things.

There have been many studies on people who begin recording in a journal things that they are grateful for. They found that doing this on a regular basis gives them a greater sense of enthusiasm for everything in their lives.

The great thing about keeping a daily journal is that it’s so easy. You can do it on scraps of paper if you need to. It might feel a little uncomfortable finding things to be grateful for when you start, but it gets easier with time as you begin to notice so many things you’ve taken for granted in the past.

Start a journal and make it a daily habit, you’ll feel the benefit of it.

2. Goals become achievable.

I’ve always believed the saying:

If you believe you can, you can and if you believe you can’t, you can’t.

Sometimes it’s easier to believe that other people get all of the opportunities and you don’t, but that attitude just stops you from even trying.

It just takes a small shift in mindset and all of a sudden everything seems possible. You can have big goals, in fact you should always have something big to strive for.

In your journal, write down your goal. If it seems impossible start by breaking it down into steps. It doesn’t matter how many steps it takes but as you get to each step you ask yourself what you need to do to get that done. You’ll get to a point where you can’t break it down any further. That’s your starting point. Small steps are much more achievable.

Once you realise that there’s a path you can follow you can be grateful for the opportunities opening up for you. When you believe you can….

3. An Attitude of Gratitude Creates Optimism.

Once you start appreciating what you have it eases the discontent you feel when you focus on what you don’t have. We all have periods when we feel sorry for ourselves and have a ‘pity party’ but gratitude can ease that pain and encourage a more optimistic outlook. Counting your blessings can change your mood immediately.

4. Energy increases.

When you expose yourself to negativity from your own thoughts or from outside influences it can wear you down and drain you of energy. It lowers your vibrations making you more susceptible to attract more of the same.

When you’re happier and at peace with yourself you find you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re still the same person but you’ve raised your energy and vibrations just by your thoughts and a bit of gratitude.

5. You’ll stop and smell the roses.

There’s always something to do. We’re often chasing our tails just keeping up with the demands of our jobs, partners and kids. When you do get to take a moment for yourself it’s so easy to plonk yourself down in front of the TV or computer screen and before you know it you’ve spent a couple of hours being influenced by what you’re watching.

It doesn’t take long to create a habit so why not spend 15 minutes of your downtime writing down what you are grateful for that day. Find some of the snippets of pleasure that you experienced that tend to get lost in the day and make a note of them. Being thankful ensures you’ll be more alert and aware of the good things in your life.

attitude of gratitude

6. Ease your stress levels.

If you find yourself stressed as the day goes on, when everything manages to get on your nerves, find a quiet space and take your gratitude journal with you. Reflecting on the things you have written can help to distract you from that negative mindset and help calm you down as you realise that people love and care for you.

The more you do this you will find that things which stress you out, will begin to lose their power. Instead, you’ll be able to appreciate the wonderful world you’re living in.

7. Be content with life.

Those who make the effort to create an attitude of gratitude don’t have to find contentment, it finds them. It starts small and then grows, just like saving the pennies, your feelings of content will grow and encompass all around you

When you are grateful for the smallest things in life, contentment just overflows

– Rubyanne

8. You’ll exercise more.

This goes along with having more energy. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you’re going to go and run a marathon, but you’re more likely to want to get out and about enjoying nature with the people you care about. You’ll find more time to play with your kids in the backyard or just do anything that gets the blood flowing. It’s a natural high and makes you feel good, something to be thankful for as it costs nothing and is available to everyone.

9. Helping others.

Noticing all the positive things around you will help you to reach out to others more often. We all have an amazing capacity to give, not just money, but time and support where required. That’s been proven in the last few months. When your soul is flooded with light and positivity, you’ll want to be there for others.

10. You’ll discover your dream life.

Research about people who practice gratitude indicates that those who embrace thankfulness in their hearts are more likely to achieve their goals. Some naysayers believe that it can make you complacent and accepting of your lot in life, but I believe as many others do, that gratitude is a motivator. When you are motivated it inspires action and sometimes that is all that’s needed.  As your thankfulness grows, you can build your dream life.


When you allow yourself to feel the joy of experiencing the color of leaves in the fall, the quiet and stillness of falling snow, or the beauty of the blue sky it can change your life. Gratitude can be as simple as noticing the feel of a warm coat against your skin or the love in your child’s hug. Cultivate your attitude of gratitude, starting today. Write about everything that you’re grateful for and as you begin to give thanks, you’ll find your dreams coming true.


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