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The Mirror Technique Law of Attraction

The Mirror Technique

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Have you ever experienced moments in your life that made you wonder why things don’t work out as you would want it to? In so much that, no matter how hard you try you have this feeling that your confidence might not be as good as it should be? On the other hand, you might already be a happy and successful person, but then, you’d also like to continue improving and take it all on to the next level.

The mirror technique might just be what you are looking for. This method has been known to be successful in the past and even up until today. This mirror technique is also known as the “confidence-building exercise“. It is basically looking at your physical reflection in the mirror and using it as a window to speak directly to your subconscious. It then creates a confidence that will bring on better things in your life. Let’s look into the basics of this technique and how it can be applied to your life.

The Law of Attraction and the Mirror Technique

This method has been known to be used by statesmen, preachers, orators, and even actors. Winston Churchill is believed to have used mirrors before delivering powerful speeches to his constituents. It was known then as a supercharging method of increasing the subconscious force of the speaker, in so much so that when he or she steps out into the audience, this force flows out strong and profoundly affects them.

This mirror technique has by and large everything to do with the law of attraction. It is a related subject that also dwells with the human mind and its unlimited potential. The law of attraction is defined as a natural law in which everything that has come to you or has manifested in your life is but a product of your own thoughts. With that being said, we now know that it is possible to make powerful changes in your life and its current manifestations. All you need to do is change your own thoughts. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well yes, it is indeed possible, but then you would have to have an effective method to be able to make a consistent and permanent change.

One way to affect fast change is through the secret mirror technique.

Positive Self Talk and the Subconscious Mind

According to some new age mentors, your subconscious mind may possibly be the base component of how your life is determined. Its existence is based on the idea that it is an all-powerful force that is basically neutral and even amoral. The subconscious is some sort of a gateway to the universe that doesn’t know good from the bad. It is believed that whatever is impressed on the subconscious by the conscious mind becomes reality. So our job as conscious human beings is to constantly monitor and filter what goes through our conscious mind.

The best description of this is being likened to the soil on a farmer’s field. Whatever you plant in it will grow, so if you plant corn then so will corn sprout. In this case, corn stalks that are producing corn ears. On the other hand, planting poison ivy will produce more of the same poisonous plant.

What you then plant in your subconscious is just what it will yield. You cannot harvest corn out of a field of poison ivy. Therefore, it is important to plant positive thoughts and words into your mind during your waking moments. You will need to do this every day.

the mirror technique

Practical Applications of the Secret Mirror Technique in Recent Times

Over time the application of the mirror technique has evolved to merge with some of the more popular psychological principles. Words like self-esteem and self-confidence frequently are bound together with terms like manifestations and affirmations. The practice of looking at the mirror prior to performing has become a popular method of preparation for athletes, politicians, businessmen, and even musicians.

This practice has earned a reputation as a confidence-building exercise among individuals who believe in its effectiveness. So, how does one actually do it? It is surprisingly simple but takes a lot of discipline in order to get favorable results.

First, take a mirror, and stand right in front of it. With your shoulders back and your back straight, look into your reflection’s eyes and breathe. Begin saying powerful affirmations repeatedly. It is said that if this is done daily, it will have a significant effect on your confidence that will eventually translate into better manifestations in your life.

Just look at your reflection and declare positive and motivational statements about yourself, and some of the other things that you are aspiring to be.

What Are Some of the Real Benefits of the Mirror Technique?

  • You begin to appreciate, emphasize, and even amplify your good qualities as a person.
  • You will start to believe in your talents and efforts to the point that you will no longer hesitate to try new stuff.
  • Each time you do the exercise your self-esteem grows and gets a motivational boost.
  • You will become a positive thinker.
  • You will gain more confidence.
  • You start to become more comfortable with yourself.
  • Doubts about yourself begin to vanish
  • You will be able to achieve more and get ahead in your chosen field
  • You will look and feel stronger and people will be treating you differently.

What are Some of the Affirmations that You Can Actually Say to Yourself?

You can start with simple affirmations like:

  • I am calm and confident.
  • I can do great things with my life.
  • I am a confident person, and I can handle challenges and solve them at the right time
  • In life, I work hard to achieve great things and I deserve the best of rewards.

Overall, the secret mirror technique is a very effective way of destroying self-sabotage habits. These limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts that were created in our past by either our environment or our own patterns of self-limiting way of thinking. This usually leads to self-sabotage and manifestations of repeated failure.

One can overcome these patterns by consistently practicing the secret mirror technique daily. Start with a few minutes and build up in time as you become more comfortable with it. Results may not come as quickly as one would expect, but generally, it becomes palpable in a span of 3 weeks to a month. The mirror technique has always been there in the past, and may potentially evolve to be an accepted and common practice in the future.

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