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Pregnancy Manifestation Through the Law of Attraction

Pregnancy Manifestation

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Many people have asked numerous questions on the law of attraction and what it has to do with fertility and having a healthy pregnancy. The law of attraction uses mindset and positivity to attract the things that you want and the same can be used for pregnancy and fertility success.

Since everything lies in your mind, you should be ready to focus it on your body and on banishing any negative thoughts so that you can get pregnant naturally. Some of the ways on how you can use the law of attraction for pregnancy manifestation are:

Harness your female creative energy

Take your hand and place it on the energy centre (area below the navel). The female creative energy surrounds this area and radiates out in front of your skin surface. Allow your hand to feel the energy which is generated from the ovaries and uterus.

Be aware of how you feel, think positive thoughts about what you want and visualize your body ready to grow a baby. Celebrate your body and be grateful for being at a position in your life that you can love and support a child. Use these thoughts in manifesting a child.

Be ruthlessly positive

One of the pregnancy manifestation strategies you can apply, is to ensure you hang around people who talk positively about pregnancy issues. Also, keep monitoring your thoughts, languages and stories.

Anytime that you are worried or stressed you should memorize positive affirmations which can encourage you. The most important step, in this case, is to allow the pregnancy process to unfold itself.

You should prevent yourself from having a specific timeline that you should get pregnant. Leave out thoughts relating to when and how, so that you only focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

By removing the time constraint from your thoughts it does not mean that you are detaching yourself from the desire of getting pregnant only removing the time pressure of it.

Keep a positive attitude and feel the gratitude for all the things that you have in this life, starting from your partner, friends, job, house, family and good health. Know that all of these things show you are prepared and ready for when your baby comes along.

Detach from the outcome

Ensure you detach yourself from any fears or expectations which usually build when a person yearns to have a baby. Just believe you will have a baby soon. Once you have set your intention to have a child and put it out to the Universe you need to let it go and don’t dwell on it. Let yourself relax into that feeling that your baby will come.

Meditation is one of the things which can assist you to get into the right mindset. Any time that you get the chance whether relaxing in a chair or taking a warm bath visualize your goal and then practice detachment and try and put it out of your mind.

Visualize having a child

Take some time every day to visualize that you are already pregnant, going through an effortless pregnancy and the joy of holding your new baby and what your days are going to be like.

The secret to this is to believe what you’re visualizing. You can’t be thinking in the back of your mind that this is a load of rubbish and it’s never going to happen. That’s a negative thought that can stop things happening.

Create a vision board, fill it with pictures of the way you would like to decorate your nursery, the type of baby clothes you’d like your child to wear. Put on pictures of couples with their baby. Put it in a place you can see it so those images sink into your subconcious mind.

There is a fine line between getting obsessed and just staying positive. That’s why letting go is so important, taking away time limits and allowing yourself to enjoy the process.

Love yourself

Another strategy of manifesting yourself to get pregnant is ensuring you do a daily practice of appreciating, loving and accepting who you are. Despite any imperfections that you may have, you should see them as part of you. Learn to love and accept the good and the bad of you as part of the whole person you are.

Being stressed about things in life, whatever it may be can be detrimental to your ability to conceive. Your body is very clever, if you are stressed it can detect it and presume it’s not a good time for you to produce a child. You have to be relaxed enough in your day to day activities that your body believes you and a child can thrive.

Share positive messages with your partner

Any time that you get a chance you should tell your husband that you love and appreciate him. Let him know that you appreciate the work he is doing in supporting you towards your journey of getting pregnant.

You may not only be putting pressure on yourself about getting pregnant but also on your partner. Let him be a part of the visualization, share together what your life will be like with a baby but you should both agree to leave it at the door when you go to bed at night. You don’t want loving each other to become a chore. Believe that you will get pregnant at the right time for you both.

Be encouraged by other women manifesting pregnancy and let your husband be a pillar of support too, as you undergo your manifestation.


By understanding the law of attraction on pregnancy manifestation, you can get to know how it works so that you can get into the right mindset for getting pregnant. Your feelings and thoughts are great determinants of the outcomes which you are likely to face. Learning to control them and visualizing the way you want your life to be, will assist you towards manifesting your end goal of getting pregnant.

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