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25 Daily Affirmations For Positive Results

Positive Affirmations Daily

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Using positive affirmations daily or autosuggestions conditions the mind subconsciously so you will believe in your potential which is limitless. Although it’s a simple trick it can positively reprogram the mind, while at the same time counteracting the pessimistic self talk that often invades our thoughts.

Consciously using the right words when you’re practicing affirmations, helps to create new things in your life or helps to get rid of something negative. When you speak the words of your affirmations, you can imagine yourself transforming.

The idea is that you formally declare out to the universe what your intentions are, for them to become the truth. It’s amazing how many people worldwide have made significant changes in their lives just from using positive affirmations.

This Is How They Work?

When we use affirmations, we are forcing the subconscious mind to overcome the physical and mental problems in our lives which we didn’t think we could deal with. The daily activity of saying positive affirmations involves repeating the statements many times.

Repeating things often, like these statements, creates new connections in the brain and strengthens them. Speaking these powerful words creates a driving need inside us. Over time our mind is convinced in these statements and we begin to manifest the changes we desire.

Using Affirmations – What You Need To Know

There are several ways you can use daily positive affirmations:

  • writing them down,
  • saying them aloud,
  • saying them in your head,
  • saying them into a recorder then listening to them
  • having someone repeating the affirmations out loud.

Writing affirmations.

People tend to prefer this method because it helps to sink into your mind as you’re writing, it’s quiet, easy to do and can be done anywhere.

Your frame of mind is important, you need to be calm and peaceful so you can concentrate as you write the affirmations. You don’t need to write a lot, it’s not a punishment just start with writing 3 to 10 affirmations each time. If you prefer you can also type the affirmations on your computer.

Saying the affirmations out loud.

This is the method that most people use and have the most success with. It’s common practice to do this in front of a mirror.

Pretend that your reflection is a good friend and speak the affirmations out loud to them. As you’re looking in the mirror, repeat the statements with passion and conviction because you want your friend to believe you.

Speak slowly and carefully, this lets the message get into your mind. Say things calmly and don’t try to hurry, enjoy the process.

Say them in your head.

If you find it hard to get some alone time or if you feel uncomfortable speaking out loud, you can say the affirmations in your head. This has the advantage of not having any limitations to when or where you use it.

You can use this technique before you go to sleep, while driving the car or standing in a queue.

Record the affirmations.

Another option is to record the affirmations on your phone or another recording device. Once you have recorded all of the affirmations you can listen to your recorded voice repeating the statements as you fall asleep, which can speed up your results.

Get a friend to repeat them.

If you have a good friend you can get them to read the affirmations to you. It’s a bit more limiting and they will have to say “ You are (not “I am”) when they speak to you.

Repeating Positive Powerful Affirmations

When you repeat the affirmations you might find that you can become very relaxed. This is because as you speak positive statements it helps get rid of the negative baggage you’ve been carrying around.

While you’re saying your affirmations, imagine that you’re going to dump all of your negative beliefs. See them falling into a river and floating away, never to be seen again.

Try these 25 powerful positive affirmations.

  • I’m achieving my life’s work
  • I have total belief in my abilities
  • I love and accept myself
  • I have the ability to make absolute changes in my life
  • I have a healthy mind body and spirit.
  • I make informed choices
  • I deserve to enjoy a good and abundant life
  • I love all facets of life
  • I always take pleasure from what I’m given
  • My body deserves to be loved and respected
  • I am the architect of my existence.
  • I’m receiving supreme wealth
  • I’m rich in all parts of my life
  • I have a great shape.
  • I like being me
  • My ability to deal with issues is boundless.
  • Nothing is too much for me
  • I’m always laughing and happy
  • I matter as much as anyone else
  • I am confident in the way I look
  • Everything I do is worthy
  • I love and respect the person I am
  • I deserve to be the person I am
  • I don’t have any negative influences
  • My success is inevitable

Need More Help?

Morning Affirmations: State your intentions with 200 phrases. If your day usually starts off on the wrong foot then start it with the right intention by reading out loud a morning affirmation. These affirmations will help you to start your day with optimism. Be confident and empowered every day.

Peakmood I AM Positive Affirmation Cards. If you want affirmations but you prefer to have them in card form then check out these positive I AM Affirmation cards. Choose a card and repeat the affirmation to yourself throughout the day. Bright, well made cards, easy to use, carry it with you through the day for a reminder when things get tough.

ZenMind Affirmations If you can’t imagine yourself saying affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, how about having recordings that you can listen to wherever you want with someone else speaking the affirmations to you. A brainwave entrainment system that brings you to a state of meditation with positive affirmations embedded into the sounds.


Make it a daily habit to practice your affirmations. It’s a regular reminder for you of their importance.  Helping focus your attention and keep you motivated. It will also keep you on alert to any opportunities that will move you towards your life goal.

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