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Numerology For Beginners

Numerology For Beginners

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What is numerology?

Explaining numerology for beginners as simply as we can, it is as the name suggests, the study of numbers. Based on the idea that the universe is a system that can be broken down into numbers and patterns. Even letters have a significance in numerology. The job of a numerologist is to use the numbers with simple formulas to create a persons chart.

A chart can help us to better understand  the world and even ourselves, as individuals. You will be amazed to find out that, through numbers, you can discover in-depth characteristics of your personality. Numerology is often associated with the paranormal, like astrology and law of attraction. Every number has a specific vibration, each one with a different property, according to that specific vibration.

History of numerology

It is hard to put the finger on the specific moment in time when numerology was discovered, but one of the most popular beliefs is that Pythagoras first found this field. He was a philosopher that lived in Greece around 569BC and studied mathematics, music, and philosophy, along with his students.

You sure have learned in school the Pythagorean theorem, which states that in a right angled triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two other sides.

These are just two examples to get you familiar with Pythagora’s work in the field of numbers. In addition to them, and here we reach the numerology, Pythagoras believed in the mystical power of numbers. He and his disciples found out that if you add up a series of odd numbers beginning with the number one, the final result will be in all cases one.

This was an exciting discovery that marks the start of the numerology path, letting them conclude that people can measure everything in the world using numbers. So, Phythagora opens the way of numerology by providing the foundation with his theories.

There are also two other forms of numerology other than Pythagorean which are Chaldean and Kabbalistic. If practicing numerology it’s better to use only one so there is no confusion.

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How is it used?

We all have a name and a birthdate which can be used in numerology to find out more about what kind of person we are. All numbers have a vibration which we tap into and attract.

Birthday number

You can use numerology also to find out your birthday number. This number will reveal exciting facts about your purposes and desires. To find out this number you will need your full birth date. Take the date you were born and if it is a single number e.g. 3rd then your number is just 3. If you were born on a double number e.g. 15th then you add them together 1+5 =6 so your number will be 6. If you were born on the 29th then you would add 2+9=11, 1+1=2 so your birthday number would be 2. Keep a note of it. Your birth number can dictate the type of person you are.

Birthday number meanings

1 Independent, competitive and a leader.

2 Kind, patient and sensitive.

3 Friendly, energetic and creative.

4 Practical, reliable and hard working.

5 Resourceful, adventurous and impulsive.

6 Loyal, responsible and thoughtful.

7 Inquisitive, private and like learning.

8 Strength, determination and materialistic.

9 Generous, creative and tolerant.

Life Path Number

Your life path number reveals the path you are likely to follow in your lifetime. essential details about your life. It can help to reveal your natural talents, character and any opportunities that might aid you to achieve what you want. This life path number is calculated from your birth date too except this uses the whole birth date. I for example you were born on the 12th October 1969 you would calculate it like this:

12th-day – 1+2=3

October  – month 10 – 1+0=1

1969 -year- 1+9+6+9=25  2+5=7

Add them together to get your life path number 3+1+7=11  1+1=2

So the final number is 2

Life Path number meanings

1 Born leader, inventive, lose interest easily.

2 Kind and diplomatic. The most patient.

3 Popular, social, always the life and soul of the party.

4 Practical, reliable, always plans and follows instructions.

5 Exciting, impulsive, loves travel and adventure.

6 Charming, generous with a magnetic personality.

7 Smart, analytical, strong and silent type.

8 Leader, extravagant, can be opinionated and controlling.

9 Wise, intuitive with a great sense of humour.

These are only basic traits and when you put them together with the personalities of the birthday number you want them to balance each other and be in harmony. If they are conflicting then it can make life more challenging with you second guessing yourself.

Destiny number

Another interesting fact revealed by numerology is the Destiny number. This number is calculated by using the letters of your full name. This number will show you your highest potential. It relates to your goals for your career, family and more importantly yourself.

To calculate this number you take your full name, write it out and underneath each letter write the corresponding number from the table below.

e.g.            L I N D A  P A T T E R S O N

             3 9 5 4 1    7  1  2 2 5 9  1 6 5      = 60  6+0 =6

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Destiny number meaning

1 These people are strong leaders. Often in charge, innovative thinkers. Entrepeneurs or business owners.

2 These people work well in teams. Sensitive and trustworthy. Would make a good teacher or nurse.

3 These people are creative and fun. Like to help others. Would make a good politician or sales person.

4 These people are reliable and organised. They like structure would make good manager or engineer.

5 These people are adventurous freedom seekers. Would work well as a freelancer or artist.

6 These people are loyal and responsible. Loving people they would make good community workers.

7 These people are intellectual and intuitive. They would make a good lawyer or historian.

8 These people are natural leaders and ambitious. They would make good managers or marketers.

9 These people are idealistic and tenacious. Would be good in high pressure roles like in medicine or law.

The purpose of numerology is to help you take full benefit of your potential, acting as a valuable guide.

If you would prefer the calculations done for you, it can give you much more detail for all areas of your life.

How can it help you?

Numerology can help you in numerous ways, to understand yourself better, know your purpose, and live a more qualitative life. Further, we will discuss two main benefits of numerology for beginners:

Understand yourself.

As you have found out already, numerology is an effective way to find out more about you. It is a method that will reveal important aspects of your traits, how you are seen by others, how you react in various circumstances, and your purposes, career options and desires. All this will lead you to improve your life, understand better yourself, and your actions. If you desire to find out more about who you are and what your purpose in this world is, then you should try numerology. It will reveal exciting facts about you that you are not aware of.

Relationship compatibility.

Numerology can help you identify compatibility with your loved ones. Knowing the type of person you are gives you an idea of the type of person who will be the perfect partner for you. If you already have a partner it can help you both to understand how to keep the relationship in harmony by adjusting to your personal traits.

This article just gives you a basic outline on how to calculate some of the numbers used in numerology to create a chart about you. There is much more in depth information online for you to find with these numbers or you can have that information created for you. Use this information to guide you in your career and your relationships so that you can have the best life going forward.

numerology for beginners

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