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What Is Law Of Attraction Scripting?

Scripting Law Of Attraction

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You can compare law of attraction scripting to writing scripts that are used to drive sequences and acts in a play or maybe in movies. It is a written form of an internal “dialogue” that you have with yourself when mapping out the things that you want to have or achieve in your lifetime.

How Does Law of Attraction Scripting Work?

Scripting acts as the blueprint of the sequence of events that your future dreams are made out of. Without getting into too much detail, this scripting method allows you to be the creator of your good fortune by giving you creative freedom, whenever and whatever you write down on paper. Yes, literally what you write down.

As you formulate these words and given that you mean what you have written down, chances are you will attract events and things that will fulfil the script that you have created. This is where the law of attraction comes in. As you think and feel, the Universe will allow these dreams to become reality via your subconscious.

You might think it’s fantastic? Some people swear by it and some are not so sure. One thing though, with this method you can become the creator of your own destiny. You can write about anything that you would like to manifest, short of acquiring superpowers (but who knows, right?)

A new job maybe? A new car? A happy lasting relationship… the list is endless. As a writer, you can have exactly what you want, just as you have written it.  Although, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before embarking on this powerful manifestation journey.

How Do I Write a Good Script for Myself and the Future that I Want?

Focus on what you really want

As an important first step in successful scripting, you will have to focus on the things that you really desire and the feelings that will come with it at the time that you receive or achieve it. It will take the right effort to be able to consistently manifest that exact thing that you want.

Some things to consider when creating your script:

  • Be sure to create a script that is positive and uplifting so that the higher vibrational energy it contains, the better the chances of manifesting.
  • Make it light-hearted and naturally-flowing.
  • Don’t try too hard or take it too seriously, otherwise, the law of attraction will find it hard to pull events together to makes things a reality for you. More often than not, belief and the right confidence will always help.

Feel it as You Think About it

“Speak as if you already were.”

This is a powerful process where strong vibrations will pass through your whole body as well as into your mind. It becomes the dominating thought that will eventually get into your subconscious and in turn, will activate the process of the law of attraction.

How does it feel walking into your full-range kitchen on a Sunday morning living in your new dream house that you have just acquired on an upscale suburb?

How does it feel smelling that new leather on a brand new car that you just bought while you are driving out of the dealership?

How does it feel to finally meet that lifetime relationship partner that you have always hoped for?

Include the “Why”

The most powerful component of manifesting your desires is the “why”. The more compelling the reason for your plan, the bigger the chance you will have at making it a reality. Say, for example, you want to become rich because you’d like to give your mother a house. She, who has sacrificed all her life to provide for you and your siblings.

So many stories abound on people who achieved unbelievable success through seemingly innocent reasons that are so simple but yet so compelling. It just powers through anything in order to become a reality.

LOA scripting

Be Grateful

Whenever appropriate add the phrases “Thank you” and “I am grateful” to your scripting. You can do this through daily meditation or in writing. What is important is at any time that you encounter these words, that feeling of gratitude should be present. This practice sets the stage for the Universe to grant your desires.

Be Clear About What You Want

Paint a picture of the end goal in your mind and write it down. The more detailed it is, the stronger the pull. Use words to specify the details that you have for your goal or dream, and watch it materialize and solidify.


In 2 year’s time or less, I will acquire a brand new Tesla Model X with rear Falcon Wings, blue paint, autopilot, has a range of 328 miles per charge, and is an SUV type model. My wife and kids will love it because it is a family-sized car that fits all of us.

Focus on the desires of the heart

In as much as you need to put details into your plans, you must learn to understand that a large portion of this exercise has more to do about the desires of the heart. Avoid stressing too much on “how” you will get there, but try to focus on “what” is coming to you and express your gratitude along the way.

Be positive

Be aware that the law of attraction works both ways. Whatever that is desired will always be taken over by your dominant thought and dominant feelings. Even though you might have written a good script, but then you are overtaken by fear about what the future holds, your subconscious will bring these negative manifestations to light instead.

On the other hand, if you understand how the law of attraction works, even on a basic level, it will do you well to avoid these negative emotions and focus your mind positively on the end goal. Do this with gratitude and quiet confidence that the Universe will deliver.


Learn how to relax via meditation to enhance your success. Oftentimes, being relaxed opens you up to powerful suggestions that you will actually receive these things in a timely manner. A relaxed state allows your subconscious to receive your request and proceed to manifest it as soon as it can, and as much as it can.

Ultimately, being relaxed clears your mind of mental clutter and prepares you for attracting positive things as well as your heart’s desires.

Good luck, and good vibes.

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