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10 Ways to Accelerate Your Law of Attraction Results

Law Of Attraction Results

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You probably already know that harnessing the law of attraction is powerful stuff. It’s working in the background whether you are aware of it or not. You can affect the outcome of your life by understanding what your intentions and core beliefs are. Being conscious of your thoughts and directing them to what you want, will allow you to get the law of attraction results you need.

When you concentrate on being positive, it will reflect in your life which will also be positive. You’re probably thinking that sounds simple enough, but many times, negative emotions manage to get the better you. Don’t let this get you down, because you have the power within you to turn those negative thoughts around. When the negativity is gone, it makes it so much easier to speed up the whole process of manifesting your dreams.

Here are some ways to accelerate your law of attraction results:

1. Make it emotional.

You’ve probably heard about visualizing the outcomes that you want in your life. The art to getting the best results is to feel strong emotions in your visualizations.

Once you know what you want, put your whole heart and soul into the process. Don’t go after something half-heartedly, believe in what you’re doing. If you don’t get behind it, your results will be half-hearted.

When you visualize, feel the happiness in living the life you dream of. See the colors of the things around you. What can you hear? What does it smell like? Make it feel real for it to become real. Take pride in the achievements you had to get there, and enjoy the feelings of success.

2. The power of now.

Live in the now. See yourself as successful today rather than in the future. If you focus your thoughts on the good things that are coming soon, they’ll aways be coming some time in the future! Take full advantage of today to live your dreams. Let your intuition guide you to take the right actions. All small steps can add up to big achievements.

3. Create the vision.

Make yourself a vision board and put it in a place where you will see it often. Fill it with pictures and words that not only motivate you, but that will help you see in your minds eye what it is you want.

Whenever you see these pictures, let the positive emotions of your visualizations fill you up. Thoroughly enjoy them in the present moment while you use the pictures to remind you of the details. Close your eyes and practice seeing the pictures in your mind, especially if you find it hard creating the vision there.

Seeing your vision board during the course of the day will drip feed the pictures and words into your subconscious mind to help you build the vision.

LOA results

4. Be who you want to be.

Think about the person you want to be when you have your dream life. For example, you may see yourself in your dreams as confident, happy and generous toward others.

If these are the qualities you dream about having, then show that confidence, happiness and generosity now. Don’t wait until after you’re successful before cultivating these traits, because being who you want to be now is the first step towards those goals.

5. Thoughts become things.

How often are you aware of your thoughts? Whatever you think about is what you are attracting. Although the goal is to attract good things, it’s so easy for your mind to switch to negative thoughts. Bad news in the media is everywhere you look and it can affect you.

Creating the habit of practicing gratitude can help you to bring on a positive mindset. It forces you to concentrate on the good things in your life which can only attract more of the same. Focussing on positive affirmations can also help to replace the negative thoughts as soon as you are aware of them.

6. Kick negative thoughts into touch.

The goal is to avoid dwelling on negative thoughts. If you focus on the negative it can attract more negative things back to you. You can’t always avoid negative situations, so it helps to have some way to counteract the feelings rather than let them take hold.

Having a piece of music that can lift your mood is a quick fix that you can use in most places using your phone. With some earphones, you can find a quiet spot and improve how you feel in a few minutes. Taking action is more likely to result in an improved positive mindset.

7. Get down to the smallest detail.

Whatever you’re looking to manifest you need to be as clear as you can. If you can see with the utmost clarity every detail, it will make it more real to you. Think about what you want in 3D. You need to visualize with your senses, see the colors, hear the sounds and smell all the scents. Bringing your dreams to life in your mind sends out the right vibration to attract what you want.

8. You have to believe to receive law of attraction results.

You have to trust the process for it to work. If you expect the law of attraction to work while you have doubts in your mind that it won’t, you will get what you’re thinking, it won’t work. You have to fix your mindset for success.

Try some daily affirmations to keep yourself focussed. Make sure you know exactly what you want and get it down in writing. Can you break down your goal into steps? The more you think about it the more you’ll believe it’s possible and that’s the first step.

9. Be ready.

Now you know what you want, if it came tomorrow are you ready for it? For example, if you’re looking for your soul mate, can you accommodate them in your life? When you visualize them don’t just know what they’ll look like and sound like but also imagine them in your day to day life. This will help you fine tune the nature of the person you want but also whether you need to change anything in your life to allow them in. Let the universe send you exactly what you want.

10. Let it go

Don’t dwell on what you want all the time. Spend some time visualizing so you can get everything set in your mind, then let it go. Trust the Universe will send you the means to achieve what you are asking for. It will put you in the path of the right people or circumstances, you just need to watch out for the signs.


To improve your law of attraction results it needs more than you just sending out your thoughts then sitting around waiting for it to materialise. You need to be happy and joyful every day which will encourage a positive mindset and keep your vibrations high.

Listen to your gut. If you get the feeling that you should do something a little out of the ordinary, it could be the Universe trying to put you in the right place at the right time to take the right action.

Stay focussed on the details and use whatever tools you need to help you. Believe. The only thing that can stop things happening is you.

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