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Law of Attraction For Love

Law Of Attraction For Love

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As human beings, we naturally develop intimacy and strong emotional interactions because we thrive on the connection. Using the law of attraction for finding the love you want can make all the difference.

The relationship forms the basis for positive support and emotions that are critical for our satisfaction in life. Scientific studies show that being in a relationship increases your survival by at least 50% because nobody deals well with isolation.

Studies do also show that intimate and meaningful relationships do also improve a person’s happiness and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for love or want to improve a current relationship,  you can use the law of attraction to accomplish this task. Some of the things to consider include,

Ask Yourself These Questions

You cannot buy a healthy relationship, but you can build one. The first step  before you use the law of attraction is to understand the person you are and want to be.

Buy some alone time and consider answering a few questions.

  • What  is it that makes me happy?
  • Is  my career more important to me or my family?
  • Who in my life is inspiring me and who just drains my energy?
  • Am I trying to avoid things – like my responsibilities?

If you get the correct answers to these questions, you’ll notice essential things in your life that you can improve. Then ask yourself:

  • Do I love the things I do?
  • Do I treat myself with respect and enjoy my life?

If you can’t answer yes to these questions, it’s a sign that you need to improve on self-love. If you’re in love with what you do and have respect for your life, you will attract people who treat you the same.

Now ask yourself:

  • Am I comfortable and happy when I’m on my own?

If you can’t like yourself or enjoy your alone time, how can you expect another person to enjoy being in your space.

Science proves that people unlucky in love view themselves more negatively. They decide they’re not lovable . Because of this they always have a block keeping people and their feelings out.  This keeps them unable to build and maintain a relationship or even finding the right partner.

They always feel lonely in life and this just attract what the want the least, more loneliness.

Self-Love vs. Making You Last

In a less complicated definition, self-care is when you take care of your needs, happiness, and health because it’s important. It’s easy to hurt our self-esteem when we regularly take care of other people’s wants and needs first and neglect ourselves.

In a relationship, however, you can put your partner first at times as long as you don’t lose sight of yourself.

On the negative side, if you practice putting yourself in last position all of the time, you will attract the same from people in your life, putting you last.

If you think you need no extra attention, and don’t change your mindset, then you can sabotage any relationships.

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Why Gratitude Is Important

Healing from a broken relationship is, at times, challenging, but it is possible with a little gratitude. It needs you to rethink the small acts of a person who made your life worthy at one point.

Being appreciative of your partner’s positives will  help you to discover their better qualities and focusing on that can boost your partnership.

Gratitude is an important part of finding your lifelong mate. You should create a list of your partner’s positive qualities that you love and be grateful for them, do the same for yourself.

When you think of your relationship negatively, think of what brought the two of you together. Go back to the happy times and memories you shared and write them down. Use this  list to practice gratitude while not paying attention to the negatives in  the relationship at present.

Remember the more you think of what you don’t like, is you asking the Universe to bring that very thing into your life. When you’re practicing gratitude, the universe will give you more to be grateful for.

Manifesting For Your Perfect Love With Law Of Attraction.

Manifesting your partner needs you to think about what you want, write down the details, height, color of hair, color of eyes, beliefs etc.

Now go to a quiet place. Lie on your back, put on soothing music, and relax in your thoughts. Imagine being on that perfect date with your partner, picture them from the details you’ve written down.

Pay attention not to divert your thoughts, and visualize you enjoying each others company together, having fun, wonderful conversation, being totally engaged with each other. Don’t forget to see the best of yourself too.

Bring in all your senses on this date. Feel their touch and smell everything around you.  Feel that wind in your hair, the sun warming your skin. Most importantly feel the love and romantic chemistry between the two of you.

Immerse yourself in the romantic feeling, letting it fill you up inside. Enjoy the moments with your date, before taking a few deep breaths, then open your eyes.

Here are some products that might help you along the way.

The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships is a book by Esther Hicks.  She speaks with the words of her spiritual guide ‘Abraham’ and goes over how to attract your mate using the law of attraction. She also covers other relationships, family, children and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Manifest Your Ex Back is a book that shows you a manifestation technique which will help you get your ex back. Switch your negative energy into a magnet to attract that man back into your life. All the law of attraction tips and techniques you need to attract love and abundance, are laid out in the book.

He’s Not That Complicated  shows you 7 secrets to capture the heart of the man you want. If you believe you know the man of your dreams and you want him to notice you, the male psychology trick that is explained here will help. Don’t get caught up in thinking you’re unlovable or out of shape and no man will want you, these 7 secrets will make him love you for who you are.


Only you can be the master of your love life.  It’s not any more difficult manifesting your perfect relationship as it is manifesting anything other thing that you might want.  The road may appear long,  but keep the faith and it will be worth all the time it takes. Trust your judgment, follow your heart’s desire and the Universe will keep you on the right road to find love with the law of attraction.

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