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How Important is the Law of Attraction for Kids?

Law Of Attraction For Kids

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Children, by nature, are curious creatures. Most adults recognize this invaluable trait and want to nurture it, but lack the know-how. Luckily, the law of attraction for kids comes naturally because they have an inherent conviction in their abilities.

That’s why children are so good at it.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is, simply, energy.

Positive energy gives off high vibrations of energy and attracts more positive energy. Generally, those with high energy are people who have inner strength.

They’ve finely tuned their personal goals and objectives. They eat right, exercise, practice meditation, and mindfulness. They believe in what they want, and 9 times out of 10, they get it.

Negative energy gives off lower vibrations and attracts more negative energy. People who always find the worst in every situation, they’re irritable all the time, and problems seem to follow them wherever they go. They attract negative energy.

This law is universal and can be felt everywhere. People, animals, places, spaces, even inanimate bodies, consume energy.

While this is a good thing, many of us don’t fully appreciate the Law of Attraction until we’re adults. But what if someone had taken the time to articulate to us as children the importance of such a law? Things would’ve probably turned out differently.

That’s why it’s crucial that we recognize the significance of the Law of Attraction for kids.

Introducing the Law of Attraction to Your Children

Just like we teach our children how to swim and ride a bike, we should also teach them the basics of the Law of Attraction. They have the right to empower themselves, to have the right means to achieve their dreams.

Entrusting them with this information makes them responsible for the type of energy they bring into any situation. Not only that, but it makes them more aware of how powerful it can be.

Our children use everything they learn to build the groundwork of their subconscious. It stays with them all their lives. As a consequence, it can either drive their ambition and motivate them, or it can hinder their success.

Teaching kids the law of attraction can start as early as 7 or 8 years old. By giving them daily concrete examples, and being good role-models ourselves, our children can reap great benefits from the law of attraction.

It gives them the confidence to dream and have aspirations. It also empowers them with the proper tools to deal with turbulent times when things aren’t going their way.

law of attraction for kids

How to Teach Your Kids the Law of Attraction

Read these 5 tips on how to teach your children the Law of Attraction and help them achieve their full potential in life.

1. Harness the Energy of Affirmations

There is a certain confidence in young children that’s almost enviable. They see the positive traits in themselves, and in others. Sadly, that’s shattered as they grow older.

It’s our job as adults to maintain that level of fortitude. That way, if they hear negative comments about themselves, it won’t affect them as much because self-love and poise are built into their subconscious.

Practice affirmations with your child while they’re in front of the mirror brushing their teeth or hair by asking them to name one thing they love about themselves.

You do the same as well. Seeing your ability to show a positive self-image will develop your children’s faith in their identities.

2. Be Thankful

Learning how to be grateful, even for small things, is very satisfying. It gives you inner peace and brings more good things your way.

Ask your child to name one thing they’re grateful for. Repeat this daily to promote a positive outlook. Plus, you’ll give your child the chance to practice seeing the good in everything, which is a great example of positive thinking.

Remember that children repeat what they see more than what they’re told so set a good example by showing them how thankful you are each day.

3. Believe in What You Want

As a child, you probably wanted to be 5 different things when you grew up, none of them related, but each had something you loved doing. Then as the years went by, people and society slowly made you doubt yourself and your abilities.

We don’t want our children to be forced to limit their beliefs. They must be comfortable knowing what they want and believing staunchly that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. This enriches their perception of the world and validates their place in it.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Moving past your comfort zone is scary. It makes us feel anxious and nervous. Yet it’s through these experiences that we grow and become more self-confident.

By encouraging your child to try a new class or club, or try their hand at a new hobby, you’re helping them break that fear of the unfamiliar. You can even find an event or class that’s for the two of you, which gives you the opportunity to show your child that you’re prepared to try something new as well.

5. Visualize and Imagine

Children are powerful visualizers. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He knew that imagination is limitless.

When children learn to visualize their goals, they’re picturing a positive outcome that will attract positive energy, helping them achieve their dreams.

Children express their imagination in different ways. Some children like to draw, others like to pretend play, and there are those who enjoy writing their goals in a journal or a diary. You can even collaborate on a vision board.

Encourage them by asking to help out or participate in any way. Also, tell them stories about yourself, someone you know, or someone famous who believed in their dreams and made them come true.

A Final Note

Recognizing the importance of the Law of Attraction for kids is the first step in helping our children learn to love who they are and all they can become.

The Law of Attraction helps promote happiness and attract positive energy throughout their lives. It helps them in leading rich, satisfying lives while avoiding negative and hindering views and assumptions.

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