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Law of Attraction For Improving Your Health

Law Of Attraction For Health

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Law of attraction is a tool which can be used for bringing significant changes in life, including  your health. Whether you want to lose your weight, get fitter or improve a health issue everything is achievable by using meditation and visualization.

Here’s how you can become healthy by using the law of attraction.

You Need to Set Your Health Goals

Setting a goal and writing it down increases the probability of achieving it 10X more. Therefore, if you want to lead a healthy life,  telling yourself that “You will exercise from tomorrow” or “You will start to go walking” is not specific enough.  Being more specific will help you to focus your efforts, which is much more motivating.

Set Clear And Easy Goals

Set goals which you can clearly measure. For example, if you have set a goal to start running from tomorrow, don’t just say “I will go running tomorrow”, instead you can say“I will run for 15 minutes tomorrow” then get your running gear out ready for the morning.
Make sure to set goals which are achievable, don’t set something which you can’t do, otherwise it can demotivate you.
Also, to keep motivating yourself, set benchmark goals. Once you accomplish each goal, reward yourself for that.

Using A Vision Board

A vision board is usually a magnetic board or a cork board.  You can add images of your role models to inspire you. Add quotes which make you feel motivated and empowered and any images that relate to your goals.

Create your vision board and put it in a place where you can see it. Take some time to look at it for a few minutes every day. This will remind you of your goals and inspire you to achieve them.

Visualization and Affirmations

Visualization is critical to becoming successful in the law of attraction whether for your health or other goals you’d like to achieve. This visualization is also known as “Mental Imagery”. Practice visualizing using meditation, which helps to generate positive energy in your mind  and allow you to achieve your health goals.

How to visualize your goals

You need to find a quiet place where you can sit down and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths to relax. Once you feel relaxed try to imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre. You’re going to press a virtual button on your armrest to activate the screen.

Now focus as the movie starts, the sound is very clear, the picture is bright, and you are the lead character in the movie. Imagine every detail of the smells and sounds around you.

law of attraction for meditation

Now you have another button on your armrest which will open the screen to let you in, so press that button.

Now stand up, move towards the screen and enter into the movie.

Now think of the goal which you have set. Let’s say you have set a goal to eat healthy and lose weight. So, imagine  you have been invited by a few of your old friends for a get together, and they have ordered all the delicious foods which you love.

However, you have promised yourself that you’ll get in shape. Feel the hunger and craving you are getting while looking at this delicious foods and its mouth-watering smell. Now, imagine yourself ignoring  those foods and choosing a colorful salad for yourself and eating that.

Feel the happiness and pride in your self-control, and that your decision to choosing healthy food is bringing transformation in your body. You’re becoming fitter and stronger, enjoying with all of your senses, the food that you’re eating.

Don’t forget that you’re a lead character in a movie, so imagine yourself in the main role.

If you have a fitness goal imagine yourself in the gym. Visualize the place, dumbbells and weights stacked around the equipment, people working out. Now, think of yourself doing each exercise, doing every rep and every set. Visualize yourself sweating, notice whether you’re breathing hard and be aware of the feel of the weight in your hands. Imagine your body transforming into the shape you want as you complete your workouts.

Look at yourself in the mirror, see how fit and smart you are looking at your perfect weight and body shape.

While you’re admiring your new look, repeat the following affirmations:

  • I genuinely love and accept myself.
  • I have everything to make positive changes in my life.
  • I will never let the pain make me feel down, I will always fight.
  • Every day I will move one step ahead to achieving my ultimate body.
  • I will not eat foods which will take me away from my goal.
  • I am confident about myself, and I will achieve what I want to become.
  • I am full of confidence with my body.


Heal Your Body by Louse Hay offers you a step by step guide for using the law of attraction to make the right changes to heal your body, depending on what your ailment is. It helps you to balance the mind, body and spirit so that you can become whole and heathy.

The Mindful Guide to the Law of Attraction: 45 Meditations to Manifest Health, Wealth, and Love. In this book you can learn about the basics of law of attraction and how to do meditation. It talks about mindfulness and how to turn any negative thoughts into positive. Includes meditations for health, wealth and love.

Food Health and You – this is a video series that shows you how you can improve your health by eating the right foods. All food isn’t equal. We often hear the saying ‘You are what you eat’ , are we eating ourselves into ill health? Check out the first episode ‘The Scary Truth about Sugar” and you’ll be convinced.


Law of attraction will work wonders for your health if you put your entire focus on achieving a healthier lifestyle and getting fit. If you remain thinking about illness or how unhealthy you are, then you won’t get the benefit from the law of attraction as it will only send  you what you’re thinking about.

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