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Law of Attraction Detachment: Why You Need It

Law Of Attraction Detachment

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Have you ever thought of something good and woke up the next morning to find it happening? The law of attraction detachment is when you can switch off from your desires and let them happen, like when you sleep.

You think that you’re going to be promoted tomorrow, then the next day you actually do. That’s not a coincidence, it’s the law of attraction and detachment working their magic.

Our thoughts have powers of their own. The universe wasn’t created without laws. Everything is ruled by something. Just like gravity, the law of attraction is a known fact.

You may not believe that it’s that simple, but it is. The law of attraction detachment can do wonders in your life.

So how does the law of detachment partake in the process of letting the universe do its magic?

The Law of Attraction and the Art of Detachment

The urban dictionary defines the law of attraction as the belief that positive thoughts attract positive life experiences and negative thoughts attract negative circumstances.

The law of detachment is as equally important as the law of attraction, and the two of them work together. The law of detachment states that to manifest what you want now, you must be detached from your desire. Detachment is about letting your desires go, not worrying about what you want or you don’t want.

If you dig deep into your mind, you’ll remember those days when you felt like the whole world is against you. Your day starts with you waking up on the wrong side of the bed, then bad things just keep happening one after the other.

Your water runs out, your car refuses to work, you’re late for your meeting, then you receive a call, and someone is somehow in a coma or so.

You can think of this as an example of the effects of the law of attraction. It may not be scientifically proven, but if you watch your life, you’ll find proof of its existence.

A higher vision guides your path. Detaching yourself from your vision or someone else’s is the key to becoming consciously aware of your truth, and finding balance.

What to Attract?

Similar to any law, there are rules to how the law of attraction can be used to manifest things into your life.

We’ve established that this is a law of magnetic power, so what exactly can you attract from the world:

  • Thoughts similar to yours
  • People similar to you
  • Circumstances similar to your thoughts
  • Positive attitudes and results
  • Negative attitudes and results

Why the Law of Attraction Detachment is Important in Your Life

If your thoughts have this huge power over your circumstances, then it’s only a given to believe that the law of attraction and detachment, once used right, can change your life forever.

Whatever you decide to do with these laws will determine the way your life will go. Aim for happiness and success, then focus your energy on attracting anything that may support your goals.

At the same time, detach your soul from your mind. Focus on the divine power that governs our manifestation process. Only then will you realize your heart’s true desires.

Your life can also take another turn. If your focus is directed towards the negative aspects of your life, you’ll only attract more hardship from the world.

You can’t be thinking that you’re a loser, then expect the world will treat you like a winner. It’s not logical. Just think of the people you know. How many have believed in something their whole lives and they made it a reality only through their thoughts?

Once you’ve detached yourself from the process, you can practice manifestation daily, and focus on some things to attract like money, success, confidence, or loving people!

These are only a few changes that can be achieved through the application of the law of attraction. The possibilities are literally endless. Once you believe, the world will be on your side.

How Does One Truly Let Go?

Now that you’ve realized the importance of the law of attraction detachment, you can start applying it by following these simple steps.

Ask for What You Want

Are you aware of the number of people who actually know what they want from life?

Personally, I’d say none. Yes, I don’t think that, out of all the people I’ve met in my life, there’s one who has a clear vision of their goals.

So, just by writing down your goals and understanding your own purpose in life, you’ll be better than the majority of the population already. All you have to do is think deeply, then make a list of what you want to achieve.

It’d be stupid to expect the universe to be on your side when you don’t even know what you want.

Believe in Your Desires

Once you’ve made your mind about what you want, believe in it 100%. Don’t hesitate and don’t waver. You have to be aggressive and stubborn when it comes to your desires.

Don’t play the “what if” game with your own life at risk. If you think that your success won’t happen because “what if someone else will be better than me”, someone will be for sure.

Just by thinking like that you’ve reduced your chances of winning already. You have to believe in yourself, and the universe will believe in you.

Visualize Your Goals

Visualization might seem dumb for some people, but it really works. Think of it as a constant reminder of your priorities and your purpose in life.

It’s not easy to be always positive and focused. Visualization will help you concentrate on what matters in your life. That’s exactly what the law of attraction will bring your way.

Take Actions

Nothing can be achieved without actions. If you’re passionate enough about what you want you have to put the effort in to make it happen.No one has ever achieved greatness without discipline and dedication.

Set a clear plan and make sure to do your tasks every day. Your life is a continuous pile of simple steps. Do what’s needed today, and the world will support you tomorrow.


If you’ve written your goals, believed in them, then took actions towards making them real, the universe will be generous towards you.

You’ll start noticing that your circle has more successful people than ever. Your life is happier and your dreams are actually coming true. So just relax, and receive the fruits of your hard work with open arms.


If you want to succeed in life, you must learn how to attract the right people and the right opportunities.

The universe is powerful, so lean on that power and take advantage of the benefits of the law of attraction detachment. It’s only when you manifest the natural process of the universe and accept the way things are now, that you become completely free.

Start by asking what you want, believing in it, taking actions towards it, using the right techniques, then receiving the rewards. It all depends on what you’re thinking of today, so how about you start changing your thoughts right now?

law of attraction detachment

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