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Is Law Of Attraction Real?(It’s Not Working For Me)

Is Law Of Attraction Real

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Is law of attraction real? If we apply the right method to whatever we want, attracting it, is in our own hands. So if it’s so easy why are there many people who aren’t happy with their finances, the job they hold, their relationships and even their health?

Why is it that people can’t get the career they want, they can’t find the right partner or are unhappy with the one they have?  Even though they may have discovered the law of attraction why can’t they earn millions?

It’s true to say that many people have never heard of manifestation with law of attraction, but those that have can’t get to grips with it to achieve their dreams.

There is a science to the law of attraction that is working in the Universe, regardless of our understanding — so we need to learn about it and align our thoughts and actions to it or remain in ignorance and never knowingly benefit from it.

Take a look at the reasons why people wonder if the law of attraction is real, why it doesn’t work for them and give them what they want in life.

The Reality Is What You Think Is What You Attract

The world we live in is created from our thoughts. If your mind is in harmony, you will experience that harmony in the outside world. Everything that you do will fall into place with what you want and you will find your life in harmony with your dreams.

On the contrary, if your mind and thoughts are dominated by negative emotions, and your day is full of fear, frustration, hate, anger, doubt, and guilt, life will feel like a never ending struggle. You’ll live a life where nothing good happens, so you lose faith in everyone including yourself and always expect the worst.

It’s not easy, even impossible to change things that happen on the outside, but you can certainly change what happens within your own head. To make the law of attraction work you need to bring harmony to your inner thoughts.

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Failure Becomes A Vicious Cycle

Failure is always going to happen at some time in your life. In fact, we need it in life as it’s a critical component to our own self-growth.

If we don’t accept our failures and make changes, in our minds we reinforce the belief that failure is all we deserve.  Then the vicious cycle begins as our negative belief grows and we keep thinking about what’s going wrong.

Our attention is always directed on avoiding the failures, but we never think about how to pursue success. The result of this is the law of attraction supplies more of the failures because we are unknowingly asking for it.

This is how our negative beliefs become more powerful and we begin to believe that we are destined to be failures. We can’t live up to expectations from our families or our own wishes to be like our favourite celebrities. Expecting defeat is now unconscious, and you now have a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is how we trap ourselves in a vicious cycle of failure.

But if we can produce that positive core belief that we can be successful, and that belief is then strengthened by successful results, it affects our subconscious mind. Convincing it that success is normal for us, the result being the attraction of more success.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Our beliefs shape our future. What we confront on a daily basis comes from our  negative or positive deep-rooted beliefs. There is just one simple rule, “like attracts like”.

Sometimes even the most positive mindset can’t bring the results you desire. There are some reasons why the law of attraction won’t work, no matter how positive you are.

You Aren’t Willing to Do What’s Needed

Manifesting your dreams is more than changing your beliefs. Achieving your goals also requires  you to take some action. You have to be willing to do what it takes to achieve your dream, otherwise you’ll never attain it.

You Don’t Have Patience

Trusting the process is important if you want to manifest something. Manifestation can also take some time. Everything stops if you lose your patience and give up. So you must find patience, believe in your vision and trust the process.

You Think Too Much About The Role Of The Universe

In the end, it’s simple to get what you want in life with the law of attraction— have the right intention and clarify exactly what you want. Believe that you’re capable and in the power of the universe.

Don’t forget to practice manifestation techniques, and always work towards your goal. The universe will manage the rest. Don’t let the size of your dreams make you worry about if  the universe can make it happen. Let the universe deal with this.

Need Help?

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Wrap Up

If you get stuck in trying to figure out how the universe works manifesting your dreams you can hinder things, as your mind isn’t focussed on your goal. Keep your mind on the vision you want, work towards your goal and be patient. Your visions will become a reality.

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