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How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision Board

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Without any iota of doubt, you are today where your thoughts have brought you, and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. This clearly shows that your thoughts are a reflection of where you are headed. If you create a vision board to help focus your thoughts,  you can visualize how to get what you want.

However, for these thoughts to transcend from the intangible to the tangible, you have to consistently keep thinking about them over and again and then visualize them. For you to effectively visualize and bring these thoughts to fruition, look no further than a vision board.

Have you thought about the perfect picture and image of the future you desire, those inspiring dreams and aspirations you have always had, those goals you always visualized and sometimes fantasized about?

A Vision board sets up and garnishes all these elements into an exciting variety of your dreams. With this superb tool, you can productively engage your mental faculties and make the right efforts to make your desired goal a reality.

How to create an empowering vision board.

Choose your goal

Once we start thinking about what we want it’s amazing how many things come up. But you need to decide what you want to focus on. You can create more than one board if you want to do more than one thing.

If you decide you want to focus on getting a new car, then you need to think about the details of the car you want. You might be able to find a picture the exact car that you want, but if not you might find a few pictures of the different features that matter to you.

Get a picture of the car make and style, choose a picture of the type of interior that you want. Maybe you would prefer special wheels, a place to have your phone. It might be an electric version.

Find the pics that represent what you want. Include any words or quotes that speak to you. Get down to the nitty gritty details as that helps you to focus your desires.

It’s all about the vision

The whole idea of the vision board is to create the pictures which will help you to visualize your goal in your mind in detail.

It’s easy to say to you, close your eyes and visualize the car you want (or any other thing), but it’s not so simple to do. Having some pictures in front of you that you can look at helps to create that picture in your mind.

The reason we do this is because the brain can’t differentiate between real life experience and a dream experience. If you can live and breathe having your car, driving it, smelling it in your mind, your brain will accept this as normal everyday action.

In law of attraction your thoughts help create your desire.

Create the Habit

When you’ve got your board done to your satisfaction you need to create the habit of using it. It’s always hard at first to remember, so set up an alert on your phone or computer and make yourself  go and do it.

Make sure you have a good position for your board where you will see it a lot.  Your mind is absorbing that information every time you look at it.

When you see it, you’re creating the thoughts that will bring your goal to fruition.

Making a Vision Board

Creating a vision board isn’t rocket science and everyone can have their own unique way of setting it up. You can have it structured if your brain can deal with that better or randomized so you jump from one pic to another.

Physical boards can be made from poster-boards, cork boards or even white boards. These things can  be purchased from professional suppliers or sometimes in your local store.

Furthermore, if you feel it would work better for you, create a private file on your computer to get a taste of the digital versions.

Most interestingly, you can convert the door of your refrigerator to a vision board with pictures and sufficient magnets. Feel free to create your vision board to your unique taste.

Thoughtfully make your Plans

Without further ado, thoughtfully find out what you want your vision board to be and what qualities in life you would want to have on it. Which goals you want to focus on, such as

  • personal growth
  • career
  • finances
  • relationships
  • education
  • social life
  • spiritual growth
  • health and fitness

As soon as the goal is selected, visualize your ideal life as being successful in all these various facets. A big board can be created and then small boards to represent other goals.

how to make a vision boardDecide what you want on your board, if you need ideas check out vision board templates online.

You should make time out of your less stressful hours in the evenings or weekends to craft out your vision board. Choose a time when you have the least distraction and disturbance.

Consciously create a cozy ambience and atmosphere for working on your board. Listen to some really cool music and possibly light a candle if you choose to do so. Try not to have any negative thoughts in your mind and enjoy the process.

Put it all together

There will be some pictures that symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life. Calmly cut these pictures out of magazines that are not going to be read again.

Pictures and images of cars you desire to drive, travel destinations you want to visit, or the house you want to live.  You just need a few tools to put the board together, scissors, tape, pins or glue stick.

Creativity and variety are the spice of life. Images or quotes from magazines can be used. Fun markers, stickers or any other stuff you think can be used to work your board. It has to appeal to you.

You can even add some of your personal photos of times that were particularly memorable that can help bring the right mindset too.

Ensure that you include what inspires you on the board. As well as your favorite quotes and motivational nuggets, you can indicate what is on your mind and your mood  “blessed”, “enthusiastic”, “feeling inspired”, “happy” etc.

Feel free to express yourself on the board.

Everyday, spend a few minutes taking a glance at your vision board and have a heartfelt thought of the beautiful future you designed. It’a a powerful tool that will help you attract your dreams.

Need some help?

#FutureBoards: Learn How to Create a Vision Board to Get Exactly the Life You Want. For a step by step guide how to determine what your dream is and then how to transfer that information into a vision board that will help you to manifest what you want.

2020 Vision Board Clip Art Book. When creating a vision board, having inspirational words and pictures can make it special to you. With this book you get over 150 pictures and 200 words which you can cut out and pin to your board to create the vision that you want.

Magnificent101 Vision Board Kit. This kit gives you all you need to get started on your vision board. Includes a large board 23″ x 17″, blank transformation cards which you can fill in and place on your board. It includes life goal pictures which you can use or find your own and pin them alongside. You can have your board set up in no time.

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