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Focus Wheel Law of Attraction – Removing Negativity

Focus Wheel Law Of Attraction

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Have you ever heard of the saying “birds of a feather flock together”? For those of you who haven’t come across it before, it means those that are alike will find each other.

Think about it for a second and take a look at those around you. You’ll see that somehow you share either the same values, interests or maybe principals. The list goes on.

The reason this happens is due to the law of attraction founded by William Walker Atkinson. The law simply states that ‘like attracts like’.

This doesn’t only go with attracting people in your life. The law of attraction works with everything in life. So ultimately, if you think of negativity, you’ll attract negativity.

The focus wheel was created to set and attract more positivity into your life.

In this article, I’ll be discussing in more detail how the focus wheel law of attraction works.

What Is the Focus Wheel?

The focus wheel is a circular device that’s divided into 12 equal parts. Each of these parts helps in growing a positive feeling. In the center, you’ll have the goal you want to achieve.

The wheel aids in teaching you new things about yourself by using the law of attraction and transforming negative feelings. Basically it aligns your inner feelings with the vortex of desires.

How to Use a Focus Wheel?

Think of the wheel as your genie in a bottle. Although it won’t grant you three wishes, it’ll help in accomplishing the things that are hard for you to do.

What it does is that it works your feelings out to whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve. What I found out though, is that it’s better to use the wheel with the things you’re having a hard time connecting with.

That’s because the wheel helps you gain control over the things you feel you can’t control. For example, daily tasks like cooking or washing the dishes, those you can control easily.

For something like relationships, that’s a different story. In relationships, we often feel that we don’t have much control over them. Some people even see themselves as victims and are incapable of steering the relationship to the path they want.

Although that isn’t true, both parties in the relationship have an equal amount of control. The reason we feel we aren’t in control is due to one’s own perception.

With the focus wheel, you might discover your hidden qualities so that you’d be able to attract positive outcomes in each part of your life. Who knows, you may even attract the right ‘soul mate’!

Focus Wheel DIY

When I first found out about the wheel, I decided to give it a shot. Given the fact that I love DIY projects. I decided to gather up some of my friends and turn it into a fun gathering.

Keep in mind that the focus wheel’s purpose is to reach a positive outcome. This means that while creating your focus wheel you should try to be as positive as possible.

You’ll also be doing a lot of writing, so the bigger the paper, the better!

focus wheel law of attraction

Drawing Your Circle

You’d want to create a circle as big as you can fit on your paper. Divide the circle into 12 even parts.

If for any reason, you’re unable to divide the circle to even parts. You can create an easier template, which looks similar to a mindmap. Draw a circle in the middle and 12 other circles surrounding the center circle.

You can also find downloadable templates online that you could just print.

Releasing Negativity

Often times, as humans, we only think of many things we don’t want in our lives, rather than what we want. Since it’s always easier for us to know what it is we don’t want, you’d want to start by writing the things you don’t want on a separate piece of paper.

Those could be things like:

  • Getting rid of toxic people
  • Having a negative self-perception
  • Going through financial problems
  • Having a sickness

The list goes on, just make sure to write as many things as you can.

Altering the Negatives to Positives

For the next part, I’m going to need you to play along with me. I need you to know that you might start doubting the process and you might not connect just yet.

It’s completely normal!

You’d need to write the opposite of all the negatives you’ve written earlier. The purpose is that you’ll have statements at the end of this part that will make you realize the things you want to feel.

For instance, if we’ll use the statements above, the following would be the opposite:

  • Having healthy people in my life
  • Feeling confident
  • I want to be rich
  • I want to exercise and be healthy

Filling the Inner Circle of the Wheel

This part is where you’re going to bring your feelings and desires, we’ve written before, to the present moment.

You’ll want to simplify the statements you’re going to write in the circle. For example, the first one ‘having healthy people in my life’ you’d write ‘ healthy people in life’. Do the rest for the remaining statements that are on your list.

Statement Writing

Now, it’s time to fill out the rest of the wheel. The purpose of this is to translate the positive desires ‘middle circle’ into positive statements that are fitting to you.

You’d need to focus on the words written in the middle circle and find a statement that fits those words.

For instance, let’s take a look at the first positive desire ‘heathy people in life’. You may change it into a statement like ‘I want to have good people in my life and become friends with them’.

Let’s say that you don’t feel the connection to the statement. Then, you might change the statement and write something like ‘I know what type of people I want in my life’.

Keep going until you find a statement that you can connect with and write it down in one of the 12 parts. Repeat the same process with the remaining statements.

End Results

Once you’ve finished writing your statements. You’ll find that your emotions have started to change. The first few statements are the hard ones, but as you keep going you’ll find it gets easier.

The purpose is to get you to focus more on the positive side of things rather than dwelling on the negatives. It’s better to read those statements every day, so you can sustain the positive vibes.

It’s also a great idea to create this wheel whenever you’re feeling down.

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