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55X5 Law Of Attraction | A Manifesting Technique

55x5 Law Of Attraction

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There are several success stories based on manifesting your dreams and the 55X5 law of attraction technique is one of the tools used. Indeed, the topic has become quite popular among many communities and has become a great conversation starter for many discussions on success.

There are many techniques for the successful application of the popular law of attraction and they can all work well in delivering astonishing results!  If you want to learn more about the 55×5 law of attraction formula and how to use it correctly, keep reading this essential guide about this effective technique aimed at reaching your goals faster.

What Is the 55X5 Law Of Attraction?

The simple way to explain this manifestation formula is to convey the main idea behind it. In reality, this technique is very simple and is fairly easy to incorporate into your daily routine, although you will have to set aside a little bit of time for it.

When applying this formula, you should think about what you want. Then turn it into an affirmation that conveys what you want with meaning. The trick with the 55X5 is behind the number of times you are supposed to repeat your desire.  You need to write down your affirmation 55 times for five days in a row so you can really embrace it.

The whole idea behind this law of attraction technique is to create a positive subconscious mindset through a regular pattern of repetition. Repeating a specific dream constantly in your mind will help to create a direct connection with the frequency of your desire. In simple words, when you generate thoughts that match the vibration of your desires, you will increase the possibility of achieving them.

Are you familiar with the concept of “like attracts like”? Well, the 55X5 law of attraction technique is essentially based on that. The main difference with other similar technologies is that this formula is designed to work directly on your subconscious and to manipulate your frequencies to achieve what you want.

The choice of 55 and 5 as numbers is not casual. Such numbers have spiritual significance and have been chosen because the number 5 refers to realignment, change, and transformation. The number 55 means personal power. The two numbers combined work to help you achieve great results.

How Can Such A Technique Work?

All this about writing down your desires sounds nice, but how can the 55X5 law of attraction work? The secret behind it is that by writing about your desire 55 times per day, you are tricking your mind to set a clear intention in achieving such a desire.

By setting aside a certain amount of time each day when following such a technique, you are putting all of your energy for a while on the positive affirmation of something you want. As the focus on achieving your desire grows, the potential of achieving such a dream in your physical reality also increases.

For the 55×5 law of attraction to be effective, you should focus on one affirmation at a time. Doing so will ensure that your entire focus is centered on a specific desire that you want to manifest, without any kind of distractions.

55x5 law of attraction

How To Put the 55X5 Law Of Attraction Into Practice?

As with other similar daily affirmation techniques, you should first ensure that your affirmations are created in the present tense. That will help to make your affirmation more realistic. Indeed, you should keep that in mind since there is no such thing as time in the Universe.  Additionally, you should add some feelings and emotions to your affirmations, expressing how you feel about them and why in a short and concise sentence.

Try to write down your affirmation s in a positive mindset and good mood. That will help you reflect joy and excitement into your desires, which will contribute to making them a reality sooner. Make sure you are completely focused on the affirmation and do not allow your mind to wander. Only with undivided but entirely positive attention, will the 55X5 law of attraction technique be effective!

Here are some steps to help you get going.

Choose an Affirmation

This technique is based on the choice of one single effective affirmation. That is why you’ll have to choose it well. Start with thinking about what you want to manifest. For your affirmation to be as powerful as possible, try to ensure the following:

  • Be specific.
  • Make it short and concise: it should be long enough to be specific but short enough to get “stuck” into your subconscious
  • Choose to make an affirmation over something that excites you as that will help you attach an emotional dimension to your affirmation. This will increase your energetic frequency and ensure complete vibrational alignment to your desire.
  • Create your affirmations in the present tense: the main idea is to speak as if you’ve already have it.
  • Add some positivity and gratitude to the way you express your affirmation

Write Down Your Affirmation

Use your journal or a piece of paper to write down your chosen affirmation. Remember that making it a ritual is essential for this technique. You’ll have to write your affirmation 55 times for 5 days in a row. Even when writing down your affirmation, you should try to be as focused as possible and to avoid wandering off. It might help you to speak your affirmation out loud while writing it. It might also be better to write your affirmations with pen and paper, rather than typing them, as using the computer might make it harder to keep focused.

Let Your Affirmation Go

After having written your affirmation, let it sink in and then forget about it. Avoid obsessing about your desire or thinking about what you’ll do once you achieve it. Such mental activities might be quite harmful to the process.


The 55×5 law of attraction technique, when applied appropriately, can be a very effective way to achieve your results fast. Follow the tips and tricks provided above to apply this technique and you should see great results.

Remember not to stress if your desire doesn’t manifest by the end of day 5. Just let it go and believe that you’re already closer to achieving your goals. Have faith in the Universe and focus on the fact that you have set everything in motion. Look out for signs that the law of attraction is fulfilling your wishes, and be ready to take any actions required.

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