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Law Of Attraction For Money And Financial Abundance

Law Of Attraction For Money

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One of life’s fundamental necessities is money. Money tends to dictate our lives (if not outright rule it) more than other commodities. People show an interest in the law of attraction for money once they realize how financial abundance can be manifested by it.

And while financial success can be achieved with manifestation tools, attracting an abundance of it warrants persistence, patience, hard work, and dedication.

You will be supported by the universe once you start having faith in yourself, becoming persistent, and finding ways to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Success happens when you focus on what’s necessary to achieve your goals.

The path to financial abundance begins from within. You need to have a wealthy mindset. When you understand how to regulate your mindset, life will never be the same (in a good way)!

Were you aware that the attitude you have about money is what’s stopping you from achieving financial freedom? The difference between rich and poor people isn’t about quantity – financially successful people have a different state of mind than people who lack money.

This begs the question: how does one establish money-magnet thinking patterns? Keep reading to find out.

Developing a “Financial Thermostat”

Establishing a financial thermostat should be the first thing done if you wish to obtain financial abundance. Most people don’t do as well as they want to in life since their financial thermostat is based on beliefs absorbed during their upbringing.

Believe it or not, studies show that 70% of lottery winners wind up right back to the financial state they were in before their windfall, no matter how big the prize was.

The sum of money in your possession will equate to an amount you’re capable of handling comfortably. If the financial thermostat you are comfortable with is limited to thousands of dollars, then you’ll always wind up back at your set thermostat level regardless of the amount of money you make.

How much would you require to live the life of your dreams? If that amount is a thousand times the amount of money you currently have, worry not. Simply adjust your financial thermostat to whatever that figure is.

If some sort of negative thought comes to mind, such as “You don’t deserve that,” contest that thought with, “oh yes I do!”

Constantly reinforce your positive thoughts in order to shatter the existing money beliefs currently inhibiting you.

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law of attraction and money

How to Have and Maintain a Positive Relationship with Money

If your relationship with money isn’t healthy, then its because you lack a consistent strategy for it. Odds are you’re spending a lot more money than you’re bringing in. Your perception of money is likely equated with frustration and fear.

This type of mindset will inevitably result in a life of impoverishment. When your relationship with money is unhealthy, you’ll be concentrating on scarcity instead of abundance. The law of attraction sends what you’re concentrating on even if that is for money.

What you should be doing is treating money like a friend you trust.

To alter the relationship you have with money, figure out what your existing financial state of mind is. Cut yourself some slack for any financial mistakes you’ve historically made. No one is perfect, as evidenced by the amount of debt everyone seems to be in.

If we don’t forgive ourselves, then it’ll be difficult to make any progress. Release mistakes from the past and embrace the financial situation you’d rather be in.

Confront your fears about money. Make some time each week to evaluate your savings and checking accounts, as well as the balances on your credit cards.

Affirmations can be beneficial in cultivating a positive state of mind about money. The affirmations below can enhance the relationship you have with your finances:

  • I am constantly being supplied with money by the universe.
  • The loving relationship I have with money is reciprocal.
  • I’m always positive and happy about money.
  • The quantity of funds in my possession are not limited.
  • The relationship I have with money thrives and flourishes.

Establishing Rich Habits

Habits shape almost 50% of our day-to-day activities without us even realizing it. Your habits can either make you poor or rich. They can bump up your financial status or hold you in poverty.

Habits serve as the foundation of your downfall or success. If you want to accomplish financial abundance, then you’ll have to ditch bad habits and adopt rich ones.

Draw a pair of columns on some paper. Under the first column, write down daily habits that are inhibiting you. Under the second column, write down the opposite of those habits. These habits will replace your bad habits.

For instance:

Bad Habits Good Habits
I do not work out enough. I exercise for half an hour each day.
I stay up very late each night. I’m in bed by 10:00 PM each night.
I procrastinate. I am always on schedule.
I use my smartphone in bed before I sleep. My phone is off 30 minutes before I go to bed.
I eat a lot of junk food. I only eat junk food as a reward.






Need some help?

Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness. From the teachings of Abraham they look at the significant life experiences that you have and how it reflects on two of the most problematic areas you may be suffering from, finances and health.

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards. With these cards you can choose one to set your intention for the day. This deck of cards doesn’t just help with manifesting money but helps to change the way you think on a daily basis. The inspirational words help you to focus and the cards are easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The Manifestation Millionaire  In this program you will learn to train your mind and subconscious habits so that you can use the law of attraction to manifest the money you want. It teaches you with actionable steps so you can attract the wealth you desire from the Universe.

In Closing

Introducing financial abundance to your life isn’t hard if you’re doing it step-by-step. Changing your mindset to abundance from scarcity does warrant some work on your end.

The financial thermostat you have set for yourself needs to be reset. The relationship you have with money must be improved. Your bad habits need to be replaced with rich ones, keep focussing on your vision.

When these changes are made, you’ll be using the law of attraction to allow the Universe to guide you towards the money for your goals.

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