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Alignment With The Universe – What Does It Mean?

Alignment With The Universe

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If you’ve been following the law of attraction, you’ve probably heard about getting yourself in alignment with the Universe, but what does it mean?

I’ve always believed that being in alignment meant that I would meditate or concentrate on the thing that I wanted. I would visualize it and feel the pleasure at having it so I could get into the right vibration for attracting it.

The biggest problem I found with this is, that you have to make a conscious effort to set the time aside to do it and you’re only getting yourself into that vibration for a short time.

Recently, I discovered a new teacher who explains alignment slightly differently but seems to make so much more sense to me. His name is Nick Breau and he explains his techniques in his book Power Manifesting.

power manifesting book

Nick explains that alignment is being connected to your inner self or your intuition. This is what unlocks your ability to co-create and to be able to manifest what you want.

Living in alignment

The question still has to be, how do we connect with our inner self?

Well, our emotions play the biggest part in this, if you can get into a joyful, happy frame of mind then your connection will be at its strongest.

That should be easy…right? Not as easy as you think.

Imagine you have decided that you’re going to get happy and stay happy and you’re going to start when you wake up in the morning.

Your alarm wakes you at the proper time and you happily get out of bed and into the shower…singing. You are going to stay happy today. You have an enjoyable breakfast and happily chat to your kids. Time to go to work, you get your stuff and go for your car keys, they’re not where they should be.

No problem they must be close by. 10 minutes later you’re becoming stressed and you have the family searching the whole house while you mumble under your breath. Finally you find them and you head to work thinking you’ll have to go as quickly as you can as you’re going to be late.

Hope you don’t hit any red lights!

Guess what, you hit every red light on the way and when you get to work you’re late and you struggle to find a parking spot. By the time you get to your desk you’re stressed and aggravated and that feeling lasts all day.

You started with all the best intentions…

…and although you had setbacks, that’s the best way to start.

Create the habit to start the day joyfully. Do things that make you happy, like listening to uplifting music. Create time to relax and enjoy your favourite breakfast. Whatever is right for you. The main thing after that is once you have your emotions in the right place, you need to keep track of them through the day so you can start living in alignment.

Alignment with the universe

Keep yourself on track

You won’t always be able to float through the day without something affecting you. It might be something that you’ve heard on the news that’s sad or depressing that brings you down.

A friend who is having issues might need to talk with you. But they don’t want you to cheer them up, they want to bring you down to their level of feeling so that you can wallow in misery with them.

So set up a way to check on your thoughts and emotions. You can set up an hourly alarm on your phone so you can assess yourself. We don’t often know what we’re thinking as we tend to react to the day, so this can be illuminating.

The more you do this, the more you become aware of your happiness level. You can start to find ways of lifting your mood if it’s necessary.

Limiting Fears

This is quite a simplistic way of looking at it as there are often deep seated experiences and fears that can play a role in your ability to finding that joy.

There are ways that you can release these fears by talking to the right therapist and using tools like EFT. Nick speaks more about our emotional baggage here.

The more time you are in alignment, the better your ability to emit the right vibration for manifesting.

Signs of alignment from the universe

There are some signs that you are in alignment. You may start to see groups of the same numbers, like 111, 333, 555 or other number groups. There is a significance in numbers and if this happens to you it’s not just a coincidence.

Another sign might be that you start to manifest lots of small things that you want into your life without effort.

You also might find that you get inspiration or a gut feeling to do something, that you feel you can’t ignore.

It’s often stated about thinking of the things you want and then taking action. Your intuition will guide you to actions that will move you towards your goals.

Alignment and manifestation

This is where being in alignment brings you into the right mindset to attract the good things in life. What we have and are experiencing now is attracted by us, usually unconsciously.

Having a lack of money in our lives is usually because our thoughts are more often on not having enough rather than thinking about having plenty. This is the vibration we send out and not having enough is what we receive.

You will know if you are sending out the right vibrations by how you feel emotionally and what you are attracting into your life. Money should start to come to you whenever you need it.


I think this is the reason that getting into happiness and consciously tracking thoughts throughout the day resonates with me.

I’m on a mission to improve my happiness and get into alignment with the universe. Why don’t you start to monitor how happy you are.

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